[font=Arial Narrow][font=Arial]Hello friends,today i found nice source related to crowd animation & flocking using AI on creativecrash.So i made plugin for maya 2011 win X64(sorry for linux & MAC user).[/font]
[font=Arial Narrow]=>Wht is JerryAISys?[/size][/font]
JerryAISys is a plugin which is designed to simulate crowd animation in maya software’s engine is based on AI techniques such as Fuzzy Logic & Finite state machine in 3D video games and Maya API.openGL is used to display stuff.

Here is file :JerryAISys

Note:I m not author of this i just compiled for maya 2011,If you want to contact author of this then here is mail id



can u plz send me source i would like to compile it for 2009?



Ok here is source code JerryAIAys Src
i m requesting to all of you,please if you are compiling for any other maya version or for any different platform then please share here with your friends.Thank you

And here is Demo of JerryAISys


seems usefull thanks!


2009 x64
download here


can someone compile it for mac platform maybe 2009 and 20110


Hi, please can you reupload maya 2009 version and eventually for other versions of maya. the link on megaupload is not working


crap :wink: here is new one…

Maya 2009 x64


thanks for the reup. links are ok now. I will try it


hi,guys and the author of this plugin. im so happy you guys like this’s just a try to make crowd animation in maya.,but not that good.
i wrote it almost 3 years ago.many things update,and so do my knowledge of maya API and C++.there are many problems to fix and algorithms to,im really glad to be here and talk about it.any question is welcome.


hi ruchitinfushion ,i wanna know what changes you have made to it.


Nope,i didn’t tweak any thing inside ur sourcecode.Any plan to update this??
Want to see massive crowd inside maya.Take look @ this


my system is much different from’s difficult to update.
the system in your link is really interesting.i am gonna think about it.:rolleyes:


jerry my friend :wink: hows going

would be nice if u could make some updates on plugin :wink:



nice! I just had to watch a chinese kfc ad though lol.


Thats a lot to ask from a one man band :wink:


Here is a 2011 Version for Windows x64

You still need the original for the scripts/modules/documentation.

Here is the Visual Studio Solution upgraded to VS2010

NOTE: You may need the MS x64 C++ 2010 re-distributable package ( located here )

Thanks for providing the source code, this will only help others build better plugins for Maya.

P.S. If no one builds a linux variant for either one, I can once the new year rings in and I am back in my office.



Any idea ?? about how to compile standalone plug in,so no need of MS x64 C++ 2010 re-distributable package & all …i know size will get big but it will be independent & will work fine @ all comp without any problem.


Because it is compiled against MS’s common libraries, you need the common libraries.

If it had been in 2008, you’d need version 9, 2005 version 7.

You can static link to all the libraries, and make a larger DLL that does not require the installation of the other package.

The reasons are many for dynamic linkage: dynamic linking saves memory, reduces swapping, saves disk space, you can upgrade easier, it supports multilanguage programs, and eases the creation of any international versions.

But, if you wanted to rebuild the distro without, the full project is also there for download, so just edit the linker to build statically.



Ahh thanx …Found useful link
Creating Static Link Application