Jenny, Ark Game (3D)


Title: Jenny
Name: Ark Game
Country: United Kingdom
Software: LightWave 3D, Photoshop

This character was created as an in house project to developed photo realistic skin shading and rendering techniques. for a closer look check out the high res image.

>> Hi resolution image <<


Too good to be true!

If this is really 3D rendering, you are doing amazing job there.
Even all those little skin details are just perfect. And i really love those
wet eyes.

:applause: Excellent!


great work!! i ilke the texture and the hair… bravo


Now there’s a face I’ve not seen for a long time, still looks excellent - nice one lads :thumbsup:


omy…holy…im speechless.
this has to be the most photoreal render ive seen of a face ever, but then i havent seen much. but then again, this is the most photoreal render of a…now i’m incoherent.
this absolutely rocks:buttrock:


very nice, the hair its great:thumbsup:


impressive !
some more renderings? different angles?


beautiful … once again :smiley:


This model is top-notch! Excellent skin bump and the hair is very convincing. The lips of Angelina Jolie is very sexy for man.


Holy crap! Another amazing job there from you folks at ark. Thanks for the huge hi-res image too - the skin details (especially around the eyes) are incredible! I also like the fact that she doesnt look typically perfect and supermodel ish like most other 3d gals.

Great work - 5 stars


The hi-res image looks great !!! Not every day you see stuff like this here, very good render ! Can we see the wire ?


Perfect. :thumbsup: 5 stars.


This is wonderful. It’s the most detailed and realistic skin shader I have ever seen. I like the hair too. Great work! Can we see some more pictures?


very very lifelike!


This Image OUTSTANDING! Never saw anything like this for a long time! :eek:

I would be nice to see some other angles. Sometimes models look perfect in only one pose, but from other angles they are just good!
(I just want some more stunning images :D)

How did u make the hair!? That is very interesting for me!

Anyway…booooooooaaaah… great work:applause:!


my only crit would be this. the pores. they look great on the eyelids, nose, and the cheeks but it looks like you took the same pore density and used it for the entire head. the space directly under the lower eyelid should be quite a bit smoother than it looks. the forehead also shouldnt look as rough. other than that 3 cheers for a supurb job. Love the hair.


Amazing render, just the perfect balance to reality. Always can be seen skins too perfect or monsters, this character have day to day human features. Congratulations.

Hey, put me on the list asking for more angles…


perfect!! :eek:


Looks great, but the skin looks a bit to dry (exspecially on the outer cheek/cheekbone), and the lips look a bit like they are made out of plastic.

The eyes are fantastic though.


Great job! But- in all honesty I can’t stand the lips. Maybe you can tell I’ve never been a fan of angelina jolie…

The whole face seems absolutely perfect- except for the humongous lips.