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Hi there! JenniNexus here, long time CGSociety fan who dreams with all her heart to own a Wacom tool one day! I love drawing on paper but have done more art modeling for classes, than I have spent time developing my own skills. I’ve been spending most of my time learning how to make cute low-poly box models in 3d & using Unity to learn C#. My partner has been teaching me for 6+ years now, started with vector art in Flash to make a couple dressing up games and short animations, then 3d became the love of my life.

I would do anything to delve into Zbrush but it really isn’t practical to sculpt with a mouse (which is why I’ve been box-modeling - it’s doable with a mouse). I know that however elementary my art is now, that with a Cintiq or Wacom, we would be able to up our 2-person indie dev studio potential 200% ! I know I’d get far better at skills, and a whole new world of opportunity would arise. If I were to win one of the 8 Wacom products, I’d also do more creative streams on Twitch, where I love playing games, as well as doing game dev streams.

My birthday was Dec. 1 and due to festivities, my 1st entry was before bed that evening, which wound up being very early on Dec. 2. After that I have loaded 1 entry per day onto my Twitter. Here are links to my posts to prove my endurance, as well as the images themselves. :smiley:

►►► My #Drawcember entries, each posted daily on Twitter -…cember&src=typd

Cheers friends!

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[b]My #Drawcember entries, each posted daily on Twitter -



Alright, I just submitted my final #Drawcember sketch. They’re all on my Twitter - I’ve been posting them there daily :slight_smile: I’m attaching my 2 favorites. Since I was doing quick sketches, I think they could be improved, but regardless, it was fun to participate. Of course I’m dreaming of winning a Cintiq but am happy to have played a part in any way.