Jennifer, Rami Shtainer (3D)


Looks really good mate. Really good.
Only thing that sticks out about CG hair is how, non messy it is. Always looks like it’s JUST been straightened and brushed. A few frizzy stray hairs always helps sell the effect, IMO.


Great job!:slight_smile: I like.:slight_smile: Though, I don’t know who she is. Please someone fill me in.:slight_smile: SOme of you point out that she is easily recognizable…so who is she?:slight_smile: Jennifer…what’s her last name? Can ya show us some wires too.:slight_smile: and a breakdown of your shader network too, please?:slight_smile:


looks great!, for some reason the eye’s seem to be a bit smaller, but im unsure though, otherwise its awsome!


issit elizabeth hurly ?

very gorgeous image… So real to be true!

congrat on ur great image.


Oh WOW!! That is supurb.

Beautiful likeness, not just that but amaisingly done.

5/5 from me :thumbsup:



wow, dude!!

nice render, she is hot!

5 ***** for u:thumbsup:


that’s pretty impressive! Right on time to feel nostalgic too :slight_smile: 5 stars!:thumbsup:


this looks really great! i would like to see a wireframe to know more about the details youve modelled! could you show up some textures? the street looks really cool to me!


Off course it’s all in the eyes. These are very good eyes!


IMPRESSIVE work rami !!!
you really managed to captured the right mood…excellent job.
5 stars from me too !


Amazing likeness, It looks so realistic, the lighting, colors of her face.
You really see the details and you manage to implement them in your work, great job.
Congrats on beeing plugged! you deserve it. 5 of those yellow thingies from me bro.




very, very good, fotoreal and superior work :thumbsup: but I agree with Gabester´s critique cheers


Impresive! very realistic! :thumbsup:
Can u show wirframe?


Wow , Wow amazing…
Wonderful… 5.87 stars


wow could be her twin :slight_smile: 4.5 stars

close to perfect immo.
the only reason you get 4.5 stars from me cause it isnt a unique thing so you have reference.
but it is awesome.


Excellent work. Too bad I don’t like Jeniffer Garner all that much… always found that sad puppy face a bit annoying :slight_smile: But as for the quality of work, it’s very, very good, no question about it.


Appart from the little bit of plasticy look of the turtle neck (although I think one only sees it because one knows its 3D), this is perfect. Awesome, AWESOME likeness.

I challange anyone who says this isn’t perfect, to attempt to do it better. LOL :slight_smile:

10 stars


great work!
awesome resemblance!

when i didn’t see any updates on your wip thread, i disappointed because i thought we can’t see this beautiful work finished. But now i’m really happy to see her here, especially on frontpage.


Rami, ata GADOL !!!


This comes out really nice. The likelyness is just great. Besides from jjcoolios famous celebrity heads this is the best job on modeling a celebrity head, iv’e seen so far. :thumbsup:

I can only find three points of critique:

  • The shader of the pullover looks somehow a little bit disturbing. Maybe it’s too shiny.
  • The eyebrows look too flat. They may look better with less blur.
  • The eyes seem to be dry somehow. Perhaps you could increase the reflection on the area between the lower lash hairs and the cornea(or add the small strip of tear fluid at the transition between cornea and eyelid).

And here are two little questions:
Are the textures handpainted or photo based? Did you use any hair plugins?