Jekyll and Hyde bedroom project.



This is my first time posting a thread on this forum so I hope I haven’t done anything wrong and apologise if I have. My plan is to basically post work in this thread every couple of days for a uni project I am currently working on.

To give you a rough idea what the project is, I am creating two bedrooms with identical furniture etc. One will belong to Dr Jekyll and the other to Mr Hyde. The camera is going to start in Jekyll’s room, where it’s going to be all nice, neat and tidy, in broad daylight. The camera will then move through the room towards a mirror, that you can see in the images below, and as the camera get’s closer to the mirror, the reflection will show Hyde’s room. The camera will then eventually go through the mirror completely and end up in Hyde’s bedroom. The lighting will change from day to night and the nice, neat and tidy room will turn into a complete mess, with damaged furniture, smashed glass, ripped clothes etc. The rooms are hopefully going to represent their personalities.

So for these first couple of weeks I am going to be concentrating on modelling and UV’ing Jekyll’s bedroom, then I will move on to texturing. I figured it would be better to post the work as I go just in case there are any major changes I need to make based off of feedback given here. Instead of just posting an almost finished project right at the end when I have no time to make adjustments. As I’m in my final year I need to drastically improve my skills over the next 6 months before I am out in the big wide world. I am going to make it as photo real as I can and as I haven’t really attempted that before, I am going to need all the help I can get I imagine. So please be as honest as you can, I appreciate all of the constructive criticism you can give me and will try to take it all on board.

Unfortunately for this first post I only have a couple AO renders to show you, which isn’t very much and not very exciting, so I’m sorry about that. But please bear with me as I will be posting fairly regularly. Also if you have any feedback on the sorts of things you would like to see (wireframes, AO, Beauty renders, etc.) to crit, then please feel free to let me know that as well.


The modelling looks really good. I pretty much never crit archi work because I am not an expert but this room could be approached like a character. If you take a character and just dress it up it usually looks like cosplay, meaning its best to get under the skin because the window dressing wont have enough power to transform your piece. Its easier to go for the foundation first. I think the room looks nice, but if you tear it up like in your description, you will have a torn up nice room. I would start from the evil Hyde and using some morphs (and textures) transform the evil interior into a standard one. You could have loads of fun with windows and doors.

Just an idea.


A detailed concept you have there, sounds as if this piece will develop into something with an intriguing good versus evil premise, also your modelling at this early stage is very clean overall.

Will definitely keep an eye on your progress.

Cheers :wink:


Thanks for your responses I really appreciate it.

@Kanga That would have been a really interesting way to go at this project because I see what you mean about having a nice torn up room. I think I’ve done a bit too much of the nice room to go back now. But hopefully I can destroy it enough to hide the nice side of it.

Here are a couple of renders I have done for one of my submissions at uni. The lighting is also a quick test for what I have in mind for the clean room in daylight. I’m going for a nice sunrise feel. If someone with more experience in lighting has any opinions on how I should do this I would really appreciate it as this isn’t my strong point.


I really like lighting on that room, it doesnt seem realistic, but correct from artistic perspective


Everything looks great so far. At this point you just need more details, but I suspect you know that. I would add a bunch of props that make sense and some other details, perhaps some decorative ornamental reliefs on sealing. Lighting looks good, but I would go for even bluer shadows to bring out that nice contrast you should have at sunrise time.


Thank you both :slight_smile:

@AlexSarakapudaff Yes you’re right I am currently working on adding the details and filling the room a bit more. I like the idea of adding a bit of blue to the shadows I will definitely give that a go, thank you. I was thinking of adding a chandelier to the ceiling to break that up a bit as well as curtains, etc. around the room. As it is for Dr Jekyll I was also thinking of adding things like beakers and test tubes on the small cabinet.


It’s been a while since I posted an update on here, which probably wasn’t smart. But below are a few images of things I’ve been working on.

The first one is a wireframe as I haven’t posted one yet.

The next two images are tests I have created for Hyde’s room. To begin to try and visualise what it could look like and how messy it could be. There are still a lot more assets and details I am working on for both Jekyll and Hydes rooms, as it still looks pretty empty in places. There will also be broken glass in a couple places in Hydes room, for example where the bookcase door is on the floor, that glass panel will be smashed.

Here are a couple of assets that I have begun texturing. Sorry if the image quality is a bit low, I will do some higher res renders when I can. Texturing is one of my weaker points so I will really appreciate and input you have regarding improvements I can make etc. I am most likely going to change the floor completely. I want a more rustic floorboard look, instead of the neat and tidy one I have in these renders. The floor also looks more like lino to me than floorboards for some reason.

The final image is of a rug test I created using shave and a haircut. It’s the first time I’ve tried to use it, so I’m fairly happy with the result. But I do think it needs more work. I might also have to switch to a different method of creating the rug. As I can’t render Shave and a Haircut at Uni, as they don’t use it.

As always any crit, feedback or suggestions etc. will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Adam,
I was keeping an eye on this job of yours: it’s a very interesting concept and I like how you’re executing it very much so far!
Which renderer are you using?
Have you already thought about how to create the transition from Jekyll’s to Hyde’s room from a technical point of view?

I hope to see more updates soon! :slight_smile:


Hi Jacopo. Thank you for your reply and encouragement.

I am using Arnold for rendering.

As for the transition between the rooms, I haven’t really come up with a finalised idea. I would like the camera to go through the mirror in some way after seeing the alternate reality in the reflection. So I’ve been trying to think of effects that I could use as the camera goes through, that are visually interesting but not over the top or tacky. I imagine it would be some form of post process in Nuke. I am open to suggestions as well, if you have any I will be really grateful.

I will also try and keep the thread up to date more often, instead of leaving the updates weeks apart. :slight_smile:


Hi Adam,

Yes, I agree with you that the final effect should be quite subtle.

What I’m thinking is that the camera will require some special setup in order for the animation to work properly. Especially if you want to consider the tilt angle of the mirror. If you’re using Maya, I can totally help you with that. :wink:


That would be amazing if you could help Jacopo, I am using Maya :slight_smile: I havent started experimenting yet with the camera work. I’ve made a pre-vis version for one of the submissions I had at uni. But that just shows basic movement and didn’t have the reflections in. It is going to be tricky to get the cameras lined up correctly, like you said, to get the correct angles etc. Have you created or seen a similar effect before? I’m going to do some research soon to see if I can find any inspiration.


I’ve never created such effect before but this is exactly the kind of problems that I like to solve! It’s like right in the middle of my comfort zone. :slight_smile:

First of all, the way you orient the mirror is going to make a difference in terms of setup: if you don’t rotate it at all or you just rotate it around the Y axis (left or right to be clear), you will need a fairly simple setup to get the cameras mirroring eachother.
If you tilt the mirror up or down (like I can see it is right now), this involves that the two worlds are going to be relatively tilted around X or Z. The way you can align the cameras stays the same but you are going to need a controll system that can switch consistency between the two worlds. If you don’t have that you will likely have a hard time trying to animate the camera path.
It can totally be done anyway, you just need to know how to do it.

Then, you will need to be able to render a room looking from behind the wall. Unfortunately I’ve never used Arnold so I can’t really help you with that.


That’s good to know :slight_smile:

There will definitely be a tilt in the mirror, like it is in the images above. A control system to help account for the rotations definitely sounds like it will help. I need to try a couple things to see what will give me the best results I think. Maybe something along the lines of parenting the camera to the rotation axis in some way? So that it has the correct tilt, I’m not sure.


Allright, I’m glad that you’re willing to keep the tilt. It’s going to make things much more interesting! :slight_smile:

Basicly, what you need to do to make two cameras that are the specular version of eachother is:

  • creating the two cameras and name them let’s say Jakyll_shotCam and Hyde_shotCam
  • parent them under the same parent (that may be a locator aligned with the mirror surface and with the local X axis going out in the normal direction)
  • create a direct relationship for the following attributes: rotateX, translateY, translateZ going from Jakyll_shotCam to Hyde_shotCam
  • create an inverse relationship for the following attributes: translateX, rotateY, rotateZ going from Jakyll_shotCam to Hyde_shotCam

If you follow those steps you’ll have the Hyde_shotCam being driven by the Jakyll_shotCam and being an exact mirrored version of it. You’ll have to mirror the final renders in post or you could set the scaleX attribute of the Hyde_shotCam = -1 but that may cause your viewport to freak out. I suggest just mirroring it in post.

Let me know if you can handle this kind of stuff or if you need some more specifics on how to do it.
This is just the base if the system. It’s not going to be very good for animation for the reason that I told you before but you can use it to do some testing already.


I haven’t done anything like that before but I am certainly willing to give it a go. I will try it on the weekend, unfortunately other deadlines are going to get in the way of me working on it for a couple days. I’m pretty sure I understand what you have said, so once I’ve attempted to create it I will post an update to let you know how it went. Then after that I need to get a move on with texturing the rest of the assets.

Thank you for your help on this I really appreciate it! :slight_smile: