JefeCheck 1.5.0 released, now free


Check out Jefecheck A Free, Easy to Use yet Highly Flexible High-Res Image Flipbook for Film and TV Post Work.

JefeCheck is now Donationware!: You can use the current version of JefeCheck for free for any project, including commercial stuff. If you like it, please consider donating.


Looks amazingly useful. Thank you!


This player looks incredibly robust and it’s now free? Pretty nice deal. :slight_smile:
Thanks so much!


Double post.


Looks great! Dunno why I never heard of it before, if it was a commercial product?


thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:


Credit goes to Daniel Gollas he is the developer of this application.

The forums are now open for registration

spread the word!


that looks very cool! something I could use right now! thanks for sharing!


It’s a player correct. oh i like the name Hefecheck… so it’s like Boss check right :applause: .


very impressive! thank you so much.


Very nice! Thanks a lot for sharing, I’ll be sure to check it out. :slight_smile:



Yep it is like bosscheck :slight_smile:
a review and some links


This looks fantastic. I hope people donate.


It crashes on start. Every time.
Win7, 64bit, i5, 12gb ram, ati gfx with 1gb.


Hi, I’m sorry to hear that it is crashing. Please post a little more info (like crash report or what is shown in the terminal window) to the forums ( we can see what the problem is and help anybody else who might be having problems as well.

Daniel Gollás


djorzgul, there is a support forum


Hey thanks .it works great and very fast on my IFF 1080 files.much faster and beter than the Fckeck i used to work with


Thanks for the link.
When I have bit more time I’ll send a short report.




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