Jeep Wrangler, Glen Johnson (3D)


Title: Jeep Wrangler
Name: Glen Johnson
Country: Germany
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop

came acros the data from the following link

and thought it might make a cool technical illustration.
cad data rendering makes up the most of my profesional work as a technical illustrator so was nice to be able to do my own thing.
textured and rendered with cinema 4dr11 and a ton of photoshop.


nice work!!
i like this style very much :thumbsup:


Very nice!..Did you do any of the modelling on this?


its all cad data, i didnt model any thing, apart from fixing a few broken and missing parts.


Nice render, looks great for Mechanical Visualizations.


i love it , we need more angels


Very nice.


Hey I like the rendering, very nice. Though there are a couple of issues I’d like to discuss with you about the ghosting you have done on the vehical. The detail of all the parts looks good, but it’s hard to see what you are trying to show. The purpose of a tech illustration is to explain a process or function, usually through a main illustration (a cutaway or ghosted view) and smaller schematics to explain it in further detail. The second thing is the ghosting, I find it to be alittle confusing to follow. It needs to show clear cut edges where for example, the front suspension is ghosted through the wheel arch. This will help you retain the overall shape of the vehical and help hold back the internal parts, if you know what I mean!

Check this guy’s stuff out, both K Hulsey and D Parsons are renouned for good quality car ghosted illustrations. Hope it helps


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