jedi fight


its bewtween two unknown jedi’s. i used painter and i hope that if i keep practicing ill become a master at this :). let me know your houghts.


love the light, dude. keep it up!


Yea the light looks cool, now you must add more details for the characters, what about making line art? Or you can add more details for this of course.
I look forward the update, keep it up


heres an update :slight_smile:


i think the most obvious thing you need to work on is the anatomy of the characters. they kinda resemble clay models right now, the proportions are all wrong. the lighting is pretty good, but you need to put something in the background to add some more depth to the image, and right now its rather bland. you should also think about doing a more interesting composition, as having a straight on view doesnt make for much of a dynamic piece. you’re getting there with the lighting though, looking forward to the next update!


i restarted…hope you like it better :). I have one problem though im not good at creating faces in painter yet so i left it blank for now.


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