Jeanne D'arc , Sheng Yuan (3D)


One of the best renditions of Jeanne D’arc I’ve seen in sometime if not ever. A true female warrior that’s not running into battle with a thong and bra only to be posing unscathed by the “battle” she was supposed to be in. This is Jeanne D’arc full of character.

The only thing that is bothering me is the stepped BG image, not sure what that is, but it brings the piece down a notch. Still with that said…




great job :buttrock:



specially when im playing Jeanne D’arc on psp right now!

outstanding work!


Definitely too beautiful for a real Jeanne D´arc! :wink: Great work though she is a little too clean for my taste.


Really good work! has some elements of Final Fantasy Character…


hello friend, thanks for comment and encouragement,

–lildragon:the bg is a ruin of church, :),maybe it’s too blur.thank for attention.
–FabioMSilva:right,i like this game and I am inspired by the beautiful concept :drool: .


Amazing work, great details but what’s with those high heels:surprised? Kinda ruined the warrior image of her .


Beautifully realized, I admire the contrast you captured between the softness of her facial expression vs. the harshness of her armor.


Wow. Great work. Such a great finial render. It almost looks more like a painting than a 3d model, which is great.


excellent work,its 2 fantastic


wow!thank you everyone for all your comment , and especially for the front page! it’s surprising.
–bigbad:it’s really a problem i have not found.ha~.thanks for reminding.
–xidon - glad you like it.:cool: i like your artworks so much.The majority of it was 3d. What i did in photoshop were adding the BG , depth of blur. and add a glow bloom light cone ,this maybe is not successful ,someone don’t like it. I have tried to add a ao map, but it looked wierd.


Hi, Sheng Yuan, Beautifully realized,The work is very aesthetic, I like! :beer:
Marshal canopy
Discobolos :bounce:


Simply amazing. Keep up the good work!!


It’s very nice, but there’s one thing I don’t really get… why is she wearing steel boots with high heels? I can’t imagine anything less practical to wear on a battlefield, as far as footwear is concerned.


wow! fantastic


Those textures are beautiful. Quite a pro job done here.


Awsome work matte ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Well done :smiley: . Tha aromour is just great and the pose and ilumination you have create helps to focus on the details.


Yea. Maybe it looks really strange but I believe that the creator supports a more feminine style, simply by adding high heels!! Keep working!!


I’d like to see men running around a battle field in 6inch heels!
There not only impractical but very painful to walk in for any length of time… imagine tip toeing across red hot coals!

Women generally wear high heels to look more attractive, so is she trying to win by seducing her enemy? As a virgin St. I’m not sure this fit’s with the character of Jeanne D’arc.

But that aside it’s a lovely image, nice detail in her outfit.


great job
i like the modle and hair