Jeanne D'arc , Sheng Yuan (3D)


Title: Jeanne D’arc
Name: Sheng Yuan
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, ZBrush

Hello, all!~Nice to meet you again! Here are some new images I just made.
i wish to catch the miniature feel of her experssion,though my sculpturing skill is not well enough.
I would like to hear your voice,all comments are welcome!

it’s modeling and polypainting in zb.
I export optimized mesh and texture to max, then add hair and other details,mentalray render. composite the background and add glow in ps.

thanks and hope you like her.


Great work! texture work buys all the modeling leaks. Everything looks well made. Maybe less glow around character, and more deep shadows, would worked better.


Absolutely incredible piece of artwork you have here. Her face is so beautiful and calm even though she is in a time of extreme chaos and death.

This is probably one of my favorite pieces of her. You gave her a Final Fantasy feel as well to her character design.

100 thumbs up…I can do it


Beautiful face. She stands very well. It looks like she is taking a breath, or anticipating something which brings the piece alive.


very nice. I love the face expression. =)
The chest armor has a really cool design.


Front page quality, congrats!


BEAUTIFULL! :applause: :bowdown:


awesome char!Do you using AO map,because I can´t see!


i Have to sayu have relly rock my world with this work i loved it so much that i will keep it ass my backgroung for a month i have to say go for an aword my bro :smiley:




hello friend, thanks for your comment!
–Dodgeas3d:thanks for your suggestion. it’s really helpful and i will keep impoving.
–DontBlinkx182x:thanks a lot. you are so kind.
–Kanga:right,it’s really i want to make it.:thumbsup: i like your job.
–Digiegg&AUMAKUA&gega:i’m so glad you like it and thanks for your encourgement.ha~the front page is really hard for me.

–Arkaiko:i did not use ao map. maybe it would be different and more realistic.thanks for suggestion.
–bahaahalabi&supermarioART:i’m glad you like her,bro.


I like it!


I said on ZBC and i say it here out loud too. this is at least front-page material :buttrock:


Great work, congrats:thumbsup:


is a great work , but i feel that the neck is too long and the left eye got some few hair i don’t think it help make the work better, it like blocking the eye, maybe just me.

the background, the feather maybe can make it blow to the left more, will feel better at last to me.

all i have say is just what i feel, if i say anything wrong or bad pls don’t mind. over all is very good


nice job! ilike the hair style and lighting sO much :slight_smile:
good luck :slight_smile:


I like the texture being handled its very stylize as well as realistic. Having a feeling of painting but its in 3D and it’s sort of in realism. Arh. Its just look fantastic. Great work. Loving it


fantastic work! very well in model and textures! and love the details and lighting for a poster.


hello friends,thanks for attention and comments!

i’ll keep improving.


As though it is drawn…_ :slight_smile: