Jassar - Beyond the Wall


Ok! so I’m still deciding on the scene. For now, I like sketch 2… if I pull off the scale and details it will be really great, if not, it would be a disaster. Let the games begin :slight_smile:

Edit: final piece " A Final Song of Ice & Fire "


Started with the line work for all the characters (and there will be a lot of them!) … Let me know if you see anything not working thus far. (I will adjust some character designs as I go).


Still working on the line work…


Some progress; separating the different planes and starting with the background painting process.


Nothing much to show just yet, but I like to show my slow progress…



Ok some updates…

I wasn’t too happy with how the giant on the left just stuck there, so to make it more smooth and interesting a bear was added (mind you, he’s still a quick sketch of a figure). Better with the bear addition?

The other thing is that the image is fairly too “blue” as it is right now. Things will be balanced out, hopefully, once I paint the right side (there will be fire haha).

More to come…


Here’s more on what I’m currently doing. I finally decided to work on the dragon just to get away from the undead and change the view a bit. The dragon is still WIP and there will be more orange lighting on him coming from the fire. For now, I need to work on those values and textures bit more.

More to come…


I apologize for all the WIP updates, ah well :slight_smile:

Here’s the current state of things. Ignore Daario in the bottom right… I just barely started working on him and he looks weird and out of place haha. Also, I guess I will stick with Unsallied warriors since they have the coolest designs out of the lot.
More splashes of orange need be added after I paint the fire. I sure darn hope I finish this thing in time.

More to come…


I have to admit, I’m still debating how many Unsallied warriors need to be added here… and yes I do realize it’s too cold for them to be wearing like that, but aren’t they supposed to feel no pain or cold? (haha).

Here’s the current state of things… the dragons in the far background are still sloppy and just drawn there for reference.

More to come


Final? maybe… I tend to stare at my finished work to change anything I might spot… but for now, let’s call this one done. I hope you like it (I tried to give it a book cover vibe and feel just to be a little different).

“A Final Song of Ice & Fire”

Edit: done some minor adjustments here and there, plus added a little frame to enhance the “book cover” feel.

Cheers, and good luck to all.


Ah well… I went ahead and adjusted the contrast by reducing the fog a little. I guess this is the final image now…


I’m guessing the competition is now over. Good luck to all!