Jason Basse - Sketchbook


Hi! I’m new here. I honestly have no idea what I’m doing or where to start posting here at CGS so I am making a sketchbook! I’m going to make myself be consistent with this too, I swear!!! I’m just here to try and be a better artist. Also trying to put my work and myself out there more. Its hard for me to show my work, the bar is so high, its just really intimidating. BUT this is the year that I get out of my comfort zone!

Starting off, my current character project based on concept by Tatyana Kupriyanova The Scientist

I am finishing up lo-poly, uv’s, and doing test bakes will post more progress as soon as I can.


You defnitely need to put your work out there! Your work is good. Keep it up !


Thank you HannahKang! That means a lot!

Here is some more progress, some organic LoPoly bakes and eyes. Still very much WIPping. I’ll add more here soon. Just getting all the UVs finished.


Was going to ask hannah to give feedback on this but she’s already here! Haha.

I agree this character is a great project.

Few questions are you using a 35 mm lens or are you using 50 in zbrush ? If so id recomend changing zbrush to 20 to 27 and maya to a 50mm lens. Some of the features look a bit off on the face an im thinking its more to do with your perspective. For example the ears seem slightly pushed to far back. Regardless this character deserves more work so excited to see where you take it.


Thanks Travis! That really made a huge difference! It was Marmoset and I just set it to 50mm and that got rid of a lot of the parallax.


Wow this model is looking really good. Awesome detaining on the clothes, I can really get a feel for it’s material.

Where else can I follow your work? You’re modeling is really good :slight_smile:


Thanks Martin! I really appreciate the kind words!

You can follow me at any of these if you want. I will follow back! I’m still a noob so don’t expect too much lol


Anyway, here is a base color WIP this is kinda where things are falling apart for me. Ill keep at it though. Going to move on to fabrics, then loop back around for hair cards.


More WIP on this project


Finally finished this gal, https://dronesoma.cgsociety.org/wut4/the-scientist


Love the design and detail on the character! the sculpts are particularly great looking. Your anatomy is spot on :smiley:
I’m thinking maybe some more shadows in the render would make the textures pop out more, and maybe a touch of depth blur.

Keep up the good work!


Thank you so much for the feedback ENAT! I agree. its my lighting set up. Its kinda my kryptonite at the moment. I will continue working at it.