japaneseGuy - Facial rig based on bones


Hi everybody!
Some time ago I started a research about facial rigging based on bones to apply to my japanese model, and at the same time, to try to develop a autorig version of the rig.
Now I’ve finished my investigations about mixing facial bone system & stickyLips. My starting point was to try to make another approach to classical stickyLip system where the effect only affects to line between the two lips.
With my approach, if the stickiness is on, the movement of the upper lip affects to lower lip and viceversa.

StickyLipsTest on Vimeo.

C&C are wellcome!


Looks interesting. Can you mention which technique you used to achieve this deformation…Is it blend shape ?


Hi Boucha. No blend shapes were used to achieve this deformation, as I said it’s a bone based facial sistem.


Ok…I got it. You must have used some expression, node connection or set driven key on the bones to achieve this effect. Really cool. Wanna see it on the actual model…:beer:


Hey, this looks good! I hope you release more videos soon :slight_smile:

Congrats on the nice work :wink:


your japaneseGuy thread is great,
awesome modeling and character design.

the Zipper rigging looks great indeed, but i think it´s openning/closing a little bit out of time (delayed).

what is your plan about this character ?
did you rig the body or are you going to do that after rigging the face ?

seeya and keep going.


Thanks for your comments guys!

Polimeno: It’s true!, zipperRig needs some adjustments but it’s very easy to sincronize the zipper head movement with openning/closing.
By the other hand, my intentions with the character are make a model to experiment with rigging and try to make my first rigging reel.


very interesting should be nick know more information byee


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