Jan's Sketches


hi all,

                       welcome to my my sketchbook thread, hope you enjoy some of the work in here:)
  here's some random work i can still look at from further back:
      some landscape practice:
         and a digital pencil:

PLEASE GO TO later pages if images following dont show.



the latest version of my battle within illustration:

  and this is the [pencil drawing](http://www.jpedro.com/OnlineSB/Old/battle-within-pencil.jpg) that it is based on.
       and some other more recent stuff:
       okay folks, i hope you enjoy this. comments and crits are always welcome,


some quick gestures from imagination…:smiley:

   then, some older quick sketchbook doodles, fineliner



i liked the eyes expression
keep up…painting :wink:


Gisaiagami, thanks a bunch! i will :wink:


A lot of the faces are skewed. You should turn the paper away and hold it up to the light, the mistakes will be more apparently and you will be able to fix them earlier in the sketching phase. The style looks nice, but the skewedness of it is murderous.


hey eishiya, thanks for your comments. you’re right, the flipping and turning of the canvas is a good technique for sure. i use it often on longer illustrations.
in the case of the drawings i’ve shown so far,one could argue that the face of the lil lady with the sticks in her hair could/should be more symmetrical. however, in a real quick sketch like that, i think it’s good to just let it flow for 2 minutes :wink:

but again,thanks for checking by, i’ll be careful :slight_smile:


mini update: some fun sketches for the DSGs :wink: both around 35min.


and a couple more extracts from sketchbooks.

dug up this old one, a ballpoint pen doodle.

some studies for a little character that was going to be in my journey begins challenge, which sadly never made it out of the “begins” stage. damn.

i like this guy;) he just saw C.Ronaldo, first practice after the world cup.

drop me a line if you find time. thanks for stopping by people,




hahaa jan
nice work over there keep up man


ghassemfarhany, thanks for stopping by!

edit: something i did recently for practice. CS2 ca. 1,5 hours(from ref)


latest logan sketch:




some other old fun spaceship sketches i dug up:


you would go to see what I do in my blog: http://www.bryst.skyblog.com


thanks for stopping by Bryst. been to your blog quickly, is there anything in particular i should see? i saw you went to angoulème. great town, been there once for the comic festival, it was amazing because i saw one of my heroes, Massimiliano Frezzato, draw live.

right, for tonight, a little painting exercise. spent 50 minutes on it, all in Photoshop. started out with a blue canvas with nothing particular on my mind :slight_smile: hope you like.


give me the creeps:D realy intresting
keep it up
wanna see more:D


anabuzu, thanks a lot for stopping by and the encouragement. i’ll stay busy :wink:

okay, another one i did tonight. i did a series of books in this style and it looks like i’ll be doing some more.


right, time for a little update, sketchbook work:

  did a coloring wip of this one a while back:
  and to round this one off, some drawings from life:
  a quick one with a little sunset on top ;)
  and the last one for tonight.
  i look forward to another life drawing session tomorrow night, it's always on tuesday night, wish it was more often than just once a week. 
 unfortunately, there is not that much feedback given there(i suppose i should be asking more too...*scratches his head*), but hey, there is a model and it's great exercise. 
 if anyone from Regensburg happens to see this and is also looking for a place to go to life drawing once a week, drop in at the Andreasstrasse 28 in the Künstlerhaus, it's from 19.00-22.00, 10Euros, which isn't bad i think. 
  comments are very welcome, thanks for stopping by folks!


Very cool sketchbook…nice range.