Jango Fett


Hi everyone,

This my first project in 3ds as well as my first ‘character’ project. Modeling is ~99% finished - I may decide to tweak some things later on.

   I'll be doing mostly texturing and materials as well as scene setup in this thread - feedback and critiques are always appreciated.


I thought I’d work on the most difficult part first. Critiques welcome.

Click for full-size.


Everything looks sharp and nice so far! Good job.


That’s some very nice modeling :slight_smile: Although judging by the pictures here:

The black stripes & arrows are missing, and I “think” the dark glass?? part in the middle is a little too wide (the vertical part of it anyway).

Also, material reflections are a little too soft, to me looks more like plastic than metal.

Kepp it up!

P.S: Also while I’m at it, you’ve added discoloration/dirt/… on the blue and white paint parts but not on the top metal part. Maybe add a few?


Thanks for the critique, Borg - I really appreciate it. :wink: About the middle part being to wide- I think it may just seem that way because of the perspective? It matches all of my references perfectly as it is.

Here’s an updated version - mostly just material changes.

Click for full size.


Nice work so far, looks very much like the real thing. I’d take a look at the material for the glass though. Currently it’s got a bump to it that makes it look sort of etched, or like frosted glass, when it should be mostly smooth. Maybe make it smooth, with a map controlling the specularity to give the impression oily residue, and another for grit and grime near the edges?


Thanks for the feedback, rtrska, I’ve tweaked the material

Here’s a minor update. I haven’t had a lot of time to work on this project lately, but I’ve finished the UV layouts.

Click for full size


I’ve said this to you before and I’ll say it again…This is frickin’ awesome! :slight_smile:

Will definitely keep an eye out for updates on this one!


I’ve finished the leather and cloth materials-

(Click for full size)


never saw this WIP before.
beautifull shaders so far. i better keep my eye on you :slight_smile:


Well, I just jizzed in my pants.

Looking forward to updates.


Your process is coming very nice, I like your texture work!


Same thing happened to me…Brb I’ll go change pants.

Ok I’m back. Looking at your image closely, I’m thinking maybe the threading pattern (or whatever it’s called) for the cloth is a tiny bit too strong in my opinion, it’s nothing major really just thought I’d point it out. As for the leather it is absolutely stunning, I mean wow great job.

Also, this is just me being curious here, are you using an orange & blue lighting system in your setup? I seemed to notice that the edges of the soon to be re-textured metal plates have orange & blue highlights to them.


Thanks for the comments, everyone! :slight_smile:

Finished texturing the metal material, I may make a few changes to the settings though-

(Click for full size on the first)


I really like the metal material, nice job! I’m particularly fond of the abundance of scratches all over the place, it really brings out the “dirtyness”/danger part of being a bounty hunter.

One small thing though, on the upper right most corner there seem to be two rectangular insets but the edges are really fuzzy, is that from some sort of soft shadows or what? I was expecting those to be a lot sharper.


The last image you posted had my jaw drop. I must admit I love the textures you’ve done here.

Would be nice to see the texture maps themselves.


One of my favourite characters from the film so I’ll be watching this tread an the model looks amazing so far. Keep it up.


Most likely the final image but I may do more renderings in the future. Back plate is from Episode 3.

Click image for full size.

 Thanks for the support everyone!


Nice, a very big render. I would have loved to see more of Jango (maybe up to the waist) but it’s still a good image.


I really like your shaders you have there man good work.

I feel like that entire wash of red over your render completely takes away from all the hard work you did creating those shaders and textures. I look at your closeups you did of the shoulders and they look great but then you show a render that really dont enhance any of those features we just saw :confused:

Great WIP! I just would like to see Jango in a more neutural setting where we can take in all the great work you did on him :slight_smile: