Jan_DrawCember #Wacom Sketchbook thread


I like your glass. interessting looks. it reminds me of these milky glazed glasses :slight_smile: nice work


I am not sure why the image created in the ArtRage shows much brighter colors with a different gamma after uploading. I am forced to correct its levels in Photoshop, which doesn’t look good either.
Did anyone notice a similar problem with the gamma in ArtRage?
I will redo tonight the glass. It doesn’t look like a transparent glass.


sorry, never worked with artrage


A glass of milk - Take 02. :banghead:


Something is really wrong with the gamma in the ArtRage… My table and background were almost black before importing this image.


yes, now it looks like a transparent glass


Adding more elements to the room


I’m no help with the gamma problem. Not sure.

I like how the rendering turned out this one, though. Looks pretty real to me. I didn’t realize it was ArtRage.

I use ArtRage all the time, but mostly for watercolors and recently oils.

My detail images were always in Photoshop.

So it looks like the program has more for me to learn.

Sorry I’m no help. I’m fact, I’m pretty uninformed. But I was having a similar problem with Photoshop. The jpeg versions always saved really dark.

Forgive my lack of knowledge - it was a while ago - but I believe the fix was some RGB scheme to set in Photoshop for saving jpeg files.

I’m just thinking there may be some similar setting in ArtRage for jpeg exports, or PNG maybe.

That’s all I got there.

I think the glass turned out much more convincing than the earlier version.

I’m also curious where you think you’ll take the image - or technique, maybe.



The milk begins to be there. Only it must be less transparent.
I like the atmosphere of the design.:slight_smile:




Its getting a nice image with more elements! Loved the tree


that’s looking really good so far :slight_smile: I like the nice gloss-look finish on the table.


Day 19
This guy should have a black belt in hunting.


Hey man, very nice last pieces! Like the composition and the colors on this last one!


Day 20
Big Fish/work in progress


Seems the dog is going to be eaten! Ehehe


well…the dog is crazy about ice-fishing, and needs to learn few basic safety rules: don’t trust any fish, dead or alive!


Day 21, “Big Fish”
Oscar’s first day of ice fishing…, and his version of the story…hm…, something fishy about it


Day 22,



wow! your last entry really kills it!!! i think maybe you should work on involving blurry abstract details. well done on your work through this challenge:keenly: