Jan_DrawCember #Wacom Sketchbook thread


Nice work. I think the first bird one is my favorite so far.


I’d suggest you concentrate on B&W, to master working with values. I can advise James Paick’s gumroad “Environment Basics”, it helped me a lot, when I started. Also as it was said before me I can advise adding some difference in edges, between hard and soft, it will benefit your work greatly. Good luck, and keep it up!


Day 8
“Santa”. I think I have not enough movement and I don’t like the background snow. Well, another day of practice.


Santa is working hard, he can do it!


where should I start ? Santas face expression hilarious lol XD lifted my day :smiley: The lighting of the snow and its movement, makes the image dynamic and interessting :smiley: very good job


Also loved the snow movement! You made it really dynamic and the santa is funny, ehehe


Thanks, guys! I want to make him happy as a child again, and lose few pounds! :cool:


Day 9 / Somewhere at the top


Day 10
Small Cabin - I am going back to practice tonal drawing. I don’t have enough time to dive into colors yet.


That bike is looking good! Tonal drawings are good practice, it helps with color later on :slight_smile: The snow on the cabin is very nice!


Day 11

Playing with tones and learning few things


Santa’s cousin, Joe.

Real character .

Got some shape to it, too.You could consider placement of teeth along hidden jaw lines.

Looks good.

I like the bird pictures.

Raven in the snow - nice feathers and rendering of the bird.

Quail in the reeds - or whatever bird that one is. Reed reflection in the water is interesting. The whole watercolor look works.


Good shoot of the head! But i would advise to use less blur or less soft edges of the brush for some shadows


Day 12


Day 13
Kidnapped Santa

  • RRrrrrrrrrrrrr!!- (Sound of wind.)


Good work on that santa in the last image :stuck_out_tongue:


And now who will deliver the Christmas gifts?:eek:


Nice to see your progress! To hopefully add helpful commentary, you often use pretty dark values, maybe try a wider range of values?


Glass of milk