Jan_DrawCember #Wacom Sketchbook thread



Very nice painting! Love the environment you created.


Crows/ravens are the best. Love the contrast between it and the snow.


Nice work!


Day 2
Jan_DrawCember #Wacom #CGsociety Sketchbook thread

I wish everyone to have a lot of fun, fun and more fun!


Beautiful. Reminded me of illustrations that were in a book of poems that i had in my childhood.


These have a fantastic mood to them. I especially like the one with the raven as it gives a focal point.


Thanks JC3D!
And wish you continue with your beautifull pieces, but i would prefer a more warm painting ehehe


Day 3 - “Cold Day”


Now this is spooky! Very cool.
Are thoses frozen people or a tree with face like shapes?


Day 4 / Snowman…in trouble


Jan_DrawCember #Wacom Sketchbook thread
Day 5


Day 6
“Winter”. Playing with colors this time. Dedicated to my daughter Magda on her birthday. Happy Birthday my big girl!!!


Hi Jan, your drawings already have a good atmosphere a a nice texture to differentiate between materials. What I’m seeing is that you can pay closer attention to your edge control. You’ve got some lost edges at places and hard ones on others but they don’t complement your composition. I know singer seargent and Nathan Fowkes have great examples of edge control.

the last piece you’ve painted is my favourite so far, the water reflection is very well done.


your first painting is my favourite so far. great absracts around the crow and the focus rests only at the bird. i think monochromitic colorpalettes looks more beautiful in your pieces.


Thank you guys for your creative critic!
I am doing many black & white pencil drawings to practice correct values. Day 6 is my first color attempt from start to finish. I wish to
have more time to play with a right composition and values but I I enjoy to
paint this little sketch using my own photographs as reference.


Loved your last piece, mainly that reflection in the water, seems very realistic!


Nice artworks!I like the sceneries, very nice moods!


Thank you all again for your feedback! I agree about my “lost edges” messing up the composition. They shouldn’t be on the left side of the tree. It is a foreground which creates a frame for the lake.


day 7

Santa Claus

/work in progress