james Hetfield-low poly


hello everybody,
here I am, i m trying to do my best hero: James Hetfield…
there’s nobdy who don’t know metallica and their songs…i m sure that you appreciate my ideas to make metallica in 3d…

now i’ve paint the blueprint,and in 2hours i’ve modelling the character(not definitive) and today after worktime i want to finsh textures…




Looks like the reall man:) Only thing is im not sure whether your aiming for a realistic replica or its supposed to be a cartoon version. At the moment he seems more cartoon like but he looks great all the same :thumbsup:


hey man i ve done so much work in this week…this is the version close to the final…i had fun with soft body and constraints for the guitar and also with an hard working on texture totally made from myself…
i think it s goes well…






now?suggestion and critcs pleaze.


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