Jackie Chan model - redone


As you probably don’t remember , i posted a model of Jackie Chan’s head. I wasn’t very happy with it in the end so i decided to redo it
and since i have a nasty cut on my right arm and can’t use it for 2 weeks, i used my left :stuck_out_tongue:
so , what do you think?


You should watch his movies again or get a couple of really good recent pictures and memorize the placement of scars and the broken line of his nose. As it is, the face is too unblemished. I like the hair.


hey , thanks , i haven’t thought abot the scars , i’ll take a real good look at some of his bigger photos to see where they are.
I will probably add the smaller scars when i map him , there is no use to model them. Oh and by the way , i haven’t really done any human face textures , so does anyone here have some pointers for me? like what kind of maps i should use (spec, bump, etc)
I really want to make this model as close to Jackie as possible
so of course the question is , when you take a short look at him , do you immediatly recognise him as jackie?
if not , why? :surprised

(damn , typing with one hand is hard)


uhuh, let’s see him practicing face-to-foot style :stuck_out_tongue:


Make the rest of him and animate him…that would be the challenge :wink:

Seems he is to young, and I do not recognize him immediately,
here’s photos:

Face seems to be too wide and too “soft”, lips need some tweaking. Nose needs to be bigger and rounder. And he needs to be smiling - that’s essential for him.

Hair is very nice.

Nice subject of modelling…


and here how many years old do you think he is ? :stuck_out_tongue:

(it’s not my fault !! it’s in the excellant movie “Magnifique” !!)


Thanks for the replies guys , i just saw Master with cracked fingers today , one of his first movies , it’s really funny , and has a lot of old school fighting. So i was in the mood to continue the model a bit today :smiley:

I worked on the nose and tried to add in some more detail overall to his face (but i still have lots more to add) , and i also tried to fix up the mouth a little bit.
And you were right azazel , he needs to be smiling it adds a lot to his character , and i’m woriking on that just now


very good modelling, i recognised his features :slight_smile: if you can animate him like a 3d jackie chan clip I saw i will be gobsmacked :smiley:


you saw a 3d jackie chan clip??? where?? :curious:

here’s a side view


Yeah, mouth should be bigger I think. And there’s something wrong with eyelids, there should be some loose skin there.

Now he’s more recogniseable :slight_smile:


Make the nose a bit wider and spread the eyes out maybe a tad more. Nice work.


Very good!:bounce:


Originally posted by Cryo_RO
[B]you saw a 3d jackie chan clip??? where?? :curious:

here’s a side view [/B]

damn sorry I had J.C. on the brain, I meant bruce lee bows head in shame


looking nice…how did you do the hair?I am working on a character at work and they want it to have hair…and I have tried a few different techniques without any great results…any tips or pointers would be great…thanks


Hey, I think I remember that other Jackie Chan thread of yours-- and it looks like you’ve come a long way with the model since then! It’s really getting to be human-shaped! The lips seem too thin, though… post us up a wire wouldya, so we can help you out with the mesh?


Thanks for all of your replies , i haven’t had a lot of time to work on Jackie lately only to add in a few more details , and i think i’m almost done , i just need to model in a few of his larger wrinkels ,and i think i still need to tweak him to look more like Jackie overall.
Bezerker75: I did the hair with shag:hair , and the eyebrows with fur , the model is done in max 4 , if you need any help with shag , i’ll be glad to help you out
D7X: i do plan to animate him , that’s why i need to model in some wrinkels , because his face is pretty wrinkeled when he’s smiling (and he almost always is :smiley: )
And another thing , does anyone know of any tutorials on how to do a realistic human skin texture and shader? i’m pretty much clueless right now
and here’s what my model looks like right now (i’ll change his hairstye soon)


Gnarly Cranium: Here’s a wire shot
sorry about the bad quality


Ahah! You’ve got some work to do-- but afterwards, your life will be a LOT easier!

Check out this thread here. That shows a basic layout of how to organize a head mesh. Pay special attention to how the lines flow-- around the eyes, around the mouth, down the nose, and from the sides of the nose down across the cheek to the jaw. You need to reorganize Jackie’s head so it looks rather more like that, and get rid of 3- and 5- sided polys-- this will take some time, but afterwards your model will be much more intuitive and easy to work with. Wrestling a model with bad topology into the shape of a recognizable head is next to impossible-- you’ve done very well with what you’ve got.

Be sure to make a backup copy before you start messing with it, so you don’t screw up and loose the shape. If you have problems or questions with how to start, lemme know, I like helpin with heads! :smiley:


Yeah i really should clean up my mesh , i’ve been meaning to do this for a while , but i always said i’d do it later :slight_smile:
But yeah i think i’ll start cleaning it up today , i’ve gotten to the point where my mesh has these wierd distorsions because of it.
Well i think i’ll be able to clean up the mesh by my self , but if i’ll encounter any problems i’ll consider your offer :thumbsup:
oh and i’ll also post an update soon
and… anyone got some texturing tips???


Heh cleaned up the mesh a little , and worked on his nose & mouth
So here’s an update , and next to it is one of Jackie’s pictures for comparison
i left the hair out this time
i really need some crits…