Jack_ update


hi this my new works ,jack sparrow, ref is Johnny Depp , comment are wellcome:


setup in lightwave


render in lightwave, and use sasquatch for hair:


improved the highmodel on head:


correct the color , and use final gather in lightwave:


here are update texture:


The skin specular and skin shader don’t look convincing yet. The rest seems good.


Judging from the zbrush picture, that does show a lot of potential. The render image isn’t convincing enough for the eye. I’m sure if you play more with the contrast and add some more changes to the spec textures, then it might look convincing. Also, it would be nice to see some deeper skin bump.


Beautiful work! I agree that the specular on the skin is too strong, and the cheek bones look a little too round. Excellent work on the eyes and all the textures.


infact i use the highmodel to rendering the image with bump in lightwave.so the details sure all here, but i am not sure what come out , i rerender again , see the images below :


Reduce the spec on the lip and on the nose even more. And it will look good.


if i may ask, what renderer do you use for lightwave


last update!

re- i just use lightwave with sasquatch for hair!


Wow, this is great!
I’m a big fan of POTC movies.
I really like the model of Jack, good work!


This is fantastic. If you would have told me that was a picture I would believe you.


This looks amazing. Jack Sparrow is one of my heroes, so this thread is awesome to me. Any ideas for a final pose?


really well done


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