Jack Blenderson, Nicolas Morenas (3D)


Title: Jack Blenderson
Name: Nicolas Morenas
Country: Spain
Software: Blender

Attempt to make a Jack Nicholson 3D portrait.
I have titled it: “Jack Blenderson”, partly because the similarity is not all the good, and partly because this was made completely with Blender.
Rendered with Yafray: Full GI, two Area + one Sun Light.


hi! guy, very good!


Amazing work. I like the lighting. Model looks like very much.

Good job. :wink:


HI :slight_smile:
when I saw preview, I immediately thought that it’s Jack Nicholson, and I didn’t
make a mistake
I like this work :thumbsup:


Really Cool man! I love it! :eek:
I can see Jack perfecly! You catch his essence, and is not easy to do it man!

You are the living proof of what blender can do and free software too.
The clue… Free software can be as good as a comercial software, no more words :thumbsup:

Keep it going man!


i like that its the fat old jack nicholson :slight_smile: if theres any crit, the specularity feeels too uniform, especially across the wrinkles… maybe map it? (i dont know anything about blender but id assume you can specular map). some stubble would also really put it over the top. great job on the likeness though, its unmistakable.


Congratulations. Nice Work. I hope to see new works soon. :thumbsup:


Very beautiful :thumbsup:


Blenderson````hahaha,very funny,hahaha


It’s amazing, go on that way… someday you’ll be good! :wink:


Quite good. It mostly looks like him, with a bit of Dan Ackroyd thrown in. Very believable and lifelike.


Amazing, dude! :thumbsup:


Thanks to everybody :wink:

This head have only a difuse map, because problems on the UV, but when the blender coders fix a bug in the multires, i will work a bit more the textures.

Very good idea :wink:


One of the best image I have seen come out of Blender. Great work.


What a fine work, dude!! Amacing render with blender. Maybe the hair can be improbed but your character really rocks. Very very amacing “amigo”


An amazing work, Caronte.
If you could find the time to improve your skin shader, I’m sure this would become a superb work.


Maybe the hair could be a bit thicker too.
Best Regards,


Hi Caronte, i love the modelling :thumbsup:


Great work Caronte :thumbsup: Congratulations


I definetly can see the likeness. Any chance of a base wire view?