I've got another question.


Hello everyone it’s me again, I’ve been slowly working on my drawing skills and there has been improvement. I was recently watching videos from Riven Pheonix which though were somewhat dry were a great help on some subjects, sadly though the rest of the videos all say buy the full HD version. Now I would be more than happy to buy them, I also want to buy Vilppu’s videos. The problem is I don’t have the money for any of these, are there any good tutorials or guides or any helpful things like these that I can watch/read for free? This probably is pretty annoying and I apologize for this but I just don’t have the money to spend for these. Any and all info would be great. I apologize again but I really want to find some kind helpful tutorials that are free. Once I get money I will be more than happy to buy these things.

P.S I plan on getting Vilppu’s drawing manuals and videos since I’ve been told those are more helpful than Riven Pheonix’s guides.


IMHO you theoretically don’t need to spend any money on tutorials in order to learn drawing or anatomy.
Spend money on a nude drawing class, and draw, draw, draw - that’s it.
Drawing from life is the most important thing, besides you have Books from Andrew Loomis that are free.

Check out Proko.com, he covers a lot of stuff for free and ther’s also the possibility to pay for more in depth tuts.
ctrl paint is also a good resource
feng zhu’s channel also

But I get the point, it’s somewhat convenient to have a good structured tutorial and this is basically what you pay for. It’s not so much the information, it’s the service.
Also check out digital tutors for tutorial (subscription model)