It's not easy being green!


Sometimes, though we all feel a bit off colour?


A good find, lightcache. Wayne is one of the most respected professional artists in the 3D community - even an AutoDesk master - and he knows his stuff.

Does he do presentations in the UK, currently?


He is? I don’t recall ever hearing of him before. To be honest, I only managed to make it through six minutes of this video. It’s hard to take someone seriously when they’re lounging around, puffing on fags and mumbling with a weird air of self importance. Does he think he’s Axl Rose?

Then again, I’ve never really got the whole YouTube soapbox thing. I’m assuming the OP watched the whole video - any chance you could post a concise summary?


This video confirms the totem pole order of writers, directors and VFX artists; that I gather its intent was to contest.


That’s (much) further than I got. My only thought (as I watched only 30 seconds or so) was, You’d think someone in the business of visual communication would know a bit more about image recording and presentation quality. He just seemed lazy and pissed off and like he couldn’t really be bothered to make his point in a concise and professional way. Lame.


I was barely able to understand him because of his strong accent and a bit of mumbling.
My English isn’t the best but good enough to understand everyone here in LA. If you speak to an international audience like the vfx industry I recommend speaking a tiny bit clearer so everyone can understand everything you say.


I watched a majority of it, I couldn’t make out half of what he was saying cause of the audio quality and echo (should use a headphone with mic), plus his accent, so I didn’t really get to the end. I don’t feel that it’s really helpful to post this video now since it was uploaded in march. I believe this was made after the VFX protests and this video is his opinion of them protests.

His views are the following-

1)He believes that artist are treated poorly and film studios don’t recognise the work done by the VFX studios and their artists. Artists aren’t being treated fairly.

2)The protests are biased for the LA side of the industry, as all the focus are on them and that he dislike how some of the protesters were fighting for rights to have all VFX to be done in LA. He thinks that basically the VFX community outside of LA have they’re own right to do VFX and the protest should be about everyone.

3)He dislikes how people are supporting the protesters views by turning their avatars green, without knowing the fact that they want VFX work to be done in LA only.

4)He feels that VFX costing too much is due to the over complicated relationships of the management, arguing over things in the project. This causing the scheduling to be delayed and being less effiecient.

5)He believes that VFX should be done by small teams rather than large houses, a team of about 40 max. This is to cut down costs and make things efficiently without all the politics. He thinks that big budget VFX can be handled with an efficient team of 40 experts.

6)Film Studios can bring VFX in house rather than as a separate entity. Film studios buying up the VFX studios to fix prices for cost and wages.

7)He believes that film studios don’t see artists as artist but button pushers.

8)He feels that the VFX community needs to band together as a world wide community and not just one part of the world. He does not want the LA side to take control, as he believes that all the good work will then be allocated to LA with the overflow of work, be for the rest of the world. Also that the community as a whole needs to stop arguing with each other including the pratical production side.

9)He believes that there’s no winners or loser and people need to make compromises for the work being handed out. No body will get all the work they want.

10)He’s sees the protest movement dying out and fragmented.

11)The future of VFX can be either small efficient teams or VFX companies making their own films or VFX will remain the same and work will slow down with the low-mid level artists suffering for it.

I think that’s the gist of it, if I missed anything or got any of it wrong please feel free to correct me.


I’m surprised you’ve not heard of Wayne! Oh well, that’s fair play. Its a bit impossible to know EVERY artist out there. Basically, he’s a Mudbox demon. I shall let you look him up and draw your own conclusions. I don’t use Mudbox myself, but I do admire his skill. Other “modelling demons” I admire are Glen Southern and Anthony Ward.

In a nutshell, Wayne is just giving his thoughts on the way professional artists get “done over” when it comes to work and pay, and what might be the causes of the problem and how it will all end. His view on the big global picture might invite…“further debate”, but its merely food for thought. Some of it went over my head to be honest, so for now I’ll just keep in mind what he has said on the matter and see what others have to say about it.

But hey, that’s just my take on him.


Because this hasn’t been discussed enough here?


More or less where I stand. Did my best but couldn’t make it past a few minutes. Skipped ahead here and there but didn’t sample anything mind blowing to be honest.
Reverb-y mic on random vfx bloke smoking indoors mumbling away about why the industry is f***ed… I mean, I could just go to the pub if I wanted that :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t say we should discuss it further. I was just saying that’s what I thought of Wayne’s video. I suppose a better choice of words would have been “could encourage” instead of “might invite”.


I watched it thinking: “I wonder if this is what he’s like while designing or making VFX…”


OT but where’s his accent from? Gloucester?


It’s strange to me that people haven’t heard of him. He’s a pretty well known modeler, especially when you consider all the training he’s done.

I really tried hard to listen to the clip, but I honestly can’t understand what he’s saying. The accent is impossible for me to understand. I just hear random bad words, etc…


At one point I’m pretty sure he asked if I liked daags.


This might come as a huge surprise, but particularly in the more veteran slices of the industry in professional roles people don’t give much of a damn about websites, tutorials, news, things like Autodesk Mastership and so on.

I’m sure those who still actively follow domain specific subjects and news though would know several more internet heroes than I ever would, at least in their domain.

I could bet good money 99% of the modelling focused people on this website haven’t heard of Herb Sutter, yet he’s been an extremely influential figure in computer science for quite a while now with followers/readers in the hundreds of thousands :slight_smile:


Is this some kind of contest?



Sounds like he’s from somewhere around Newcastle upon Tyne. I could understand him just fine, but i’m British and used to such accents.


He’s from Durham. Personally I don’t mind the accent since I from that area, but it’s more of the sound quality and the low deep voice, it’s making what he’s saying unclear at points. Also the echo in room isn’t helping.

In my opinion the video isn’t helping any situations on the subject matter. I don’t want to say what’s what about the industry since I’m not part of it yet. He has a lot of views and opinions that I’ve listed but at the same time he’s not going to act on them views. I feel yes he has a point and people have a right to an opinion but for it to be heard properly and for it to matter, a person needs to stand up and act on them.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to what he has said? Is it still relevant since it’s been 6 months since the upload.


I’m sure Wayne is a lovely guy in person but from this video he comes across as that guy in the pub who’s sat alone but loudly joins in with everyone else’s conversations.