It's medieval time!, Sergey Kozyakov (2D)


Title: It’s medieval time!
Name: Sergey Kozyakov
Country: Russia
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Just tried to show the spirit of medieval Europe. Darkness and cruelty. Without unicorns:)


wow nice peice love the lighting and the rain adds a nice touch to the death in the scene. my only crit is its hard to see the rope hanging from the tree, makes the character look out of place especially with the branch behind him…

5 stars


Terrific work

My only critiques would be that we should be able to see some of the rain droplets in air. Right now, I can tell its rain, but it could also be seen as guitar strings, as all of them start off screen and go right to the bottom. Seeing the ends of the droplets in air would be a big help for the atmosphere, which is already very well done.


Oh, thank you very much for crits!!


Nice work, i like the dynamic view and the detail on the armor and his sword, good job!! I agree with killer-instinct93, maybe you need some work on the raindrop to make it look more better.

dragon rider WIP…p?f=31&t=530323


Beautiful, I love the sword’s perspective!


Very very nice work :thumbsup: Any little crits have already been mentioned above.


Ouch! the sword drove in my right shoulder!:smiley:

Nice work:)


Excellent work!!


i love the knight and the rain effect:thumbsup: .in my opinion the background need more operspective to make it look more better.


wow!great great!!


i love your composition!it really pops in your face!


Medieval darkness and cruelty, indeed! Great piece of work. I like the effects of the raindrops and light. And the composition… :applause:


Wery well done! I love the design and consept :slight_smile:


Very beautiful :slight_smile:


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