It's going to rain, Lebedev Denis (3D)


Thanks to everybody :slight_smile:
As I promised here is the link to Making of… - Welcome )))


great work


i agree… cg choice award… this is the best work i`ve seen in a wile… the terrain looks… photorealistic
5 stars… i hope you get the award


5 stars and I need to know how to do so realistic ground and light! fantastic work mate!


A huge work has been done. Very high quality made ​​detail. Even the smallest detail - very realistic.
I have not seen this work in one go!
I really like it.
The front page!
5 stars from me) :thumbsup:




great work, I really like this kind of images! Beautiful details


Impressive work! it’s so realistic! even detail and variation of soil and grasses! this is just amazing! deserve CGC award!


Wow simply amazing! Stunning piece.
Keep it up!

Cheers Silverwing


Incredible piece!
the ground is so damn dry! I’m thirsty now haha
everything very well done. 100%good work.

Congrats !


Thanks for posting the detials - looks really good. Excellent work all around. I agree it should be front page.



Double post


so many details, the dirt, the flowers or the ground…


Really good render, details and overall image.


too good :eek:


Ah lovely work man. Has been a while I’ve seen something this good, thanks!
Great work on the soil/lumps/etc., very convincing!


Great piece-- amazing attention to details!!! 5***** for me :slight_smile:


One of the best renders and attention to detail I’ve seen in the past few years! Excellent work Lebedev!


Very realistic image! Great work!


Thanks to everybody, friends. I am really glad :slight_smile: