It's going to rain, Lebedev Denis (3D)


Double post


so many details, the dirt, the flowers or the ground…


Really good render, details and overall image.


too good :eek:


Ah lovely work man. Has been a while I’ve seen something this good, thanks!
Great work on the soil/lumps/etc., very convincing!


Great piece-- amazing attention to details!!! 5***** for me :slight_smile:


One of the best renders and attention to detail I’ve seen in the past few years! Excellent work Lebedev!


Very realistic image! Great work!


Thanks to everybody, friends. I am really glad :slight_smile:


WOW very impressive!!! many compliments!!!:applause:


The part 1 of Making of can be found here:


Extraordinary work!
Why ain’t this front page yet?


Гордимся за тебя, отлично все сделал!
Молодец дружище!


This is phenomenal…wish it had been showcased somewhere, not sure how I missed it



I love it! Really brings me back to my dacha in Russia…


Wow. What a stunning piece of work. I’ve just read through the ‘making of’ too. Excellent job.


This is insane.
I love the mood and the overall details. The smell of air almost can be felt just watching this picture. Instant 5*, as this reminds me the hard and constant work at the countryside… :smiley:
Gr8 work!

Keep it up! :thumbsup:


That’s just amazing. :slight_smile:


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