its disco time! -i.e. help w/ MR problems


trying to render out a small animation, about half way through the render, (circa frame 100 out of 240) something Malfunctions (that with a capital ‘M’ folks). suddenly, my nice FG based gi turns into disco time! these coloured spots are completely random from frame to frame.

now, i’ve played with the FG settings, up to 2k samples and now using auto size. i’ve also replaced any materials that i thought might be culprate…

i’m at a loss now…

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, what with monday deadline and all :slight_smile:

here’s a quick pic to illustrate.


just do a quick search on mr+spots i have seen many threads on this, it seems to boil down to architechural material and the 2 sided option as far as i can remember off hand



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