It's Alive, Kotsovoulos Sergio (3D)


Title: It’s Alive
Name: Kotsovoulos Sergio
Country: Greece
Software: 3ds max, Illustrator, Photoshop

This is the final image for the 3d challenge.
The story behind the image:
Using his very soul while giving colour to the desaturated cities, the Graffiti artist is amazed , along with the viewer, to see that his piece is spectacularly becoming alive leaping of the wall and the pictures frame as well.
step by step located here


wow very well done here. I get what u try to do here. Props man.


Nice work.


Thank you, Palantion, tgfx.:bowdown:


My G-f insisted on me posting these here
(altho there is a fine link a bit higher up that takes you to the wip)

here we go! :

Thank you for your attention.

C&C encouraged!


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