It was you, Toni Bratincevic (3D)


beautiful work… 5star stuff


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Thanks for catching some time for the writing comments…

hugodesign …
I am glad that you used my image as a background. :wink: I wish her long and happy time at your wallpaper…

Leonikou …
I must say I didn’t receive such a great comment in a long time. Thanks!

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Tnx … I will send the wireframe soon…

munkY …
Well, the story is a little bit exaggerated, but it is partially true. :wink: My wife is not that much younger than me, in reality it is around 3 years…


And the wire/shade


Wow … fantastic, Great work, nice lighting and textures. 5 star.


Excellent texturing and lighting! I love the mood and the colors :slight_smile:
5 ***** from me!



wonderfull image, you are very talented 5*


amazing Work Toni
very nice lighting.
i like it.5*

HameD Katebi


Absolutely breathtaking. Very realistic lighting and texturing. I love the mood and ambience of your work, too. Your description is wonderful, your wife must be very proud to get such a proof of love. 5 Stars!



beautiful stuff


yeah incredible cool atmosphere!! 5 stars from me;)


EXCELLENT, deserves 5*.


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Thanks for feedback and the votes.

She was very happy when I told her that this picture will be made for her. BTW today when she got home she went to internet to check out if there are any new comments. :slight_smile:


five stars from me. the picture has all - great modelling, texturing, lightning, but the story is exceptional. you can write a novel just looking at picture. it has warm colors, but it is a bit scary…


It looks great mood.:thumbsup:


its warm feelings there that talk about the place with memories … so i can touch the mood in lovley way … great work :thumbsup:


this is so great! first time i see a maxwell render without this clean new modern architectural look.


:eek: ahem, I’m not surprised
I like your style, 5 *


michibe …
Tnx. I suppose other maxwell renders are not so heavy postprocessed like mine that’s why there isn’t that Maxwell feeling in the image.

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Thanks for the vote and comments.


Very impressive work.
Everything is well composed , the textures, light, contrast and colours are amazing.


Inspirational work, I love all of your work and this is no exception, Great mood and lighting, as said before, your experience really shines through. Don’t mean to kiss too much ass, but when I come scrolling through here your art reminds me of what I hope to be in a few years :stuck_out_tongue: