It was you, Toni Bratincevic (3D)


Title: It was you
Name: Toni Bratincevic
Country: Croatia
Software: 3ds max, Maya

To my wife…

At the time I was 4 something happened to me that I could not understand… at that old abadoned house where I played all the time. First the moment of silence spread through the sorrounding. Then I felt like someone is watching me, and calling … and in the split of second the time stoped and the light burned beside me. But I wasn’t scared, I didn’t think that it was a monster, like from the stories I heard all the time. I only knew that this vision was meant for me, it apeared by intention. As the time faded away and I got older I nearly forgot about that moment, until I met and fell in love with you. Now, I know that it wasn’t just a light and memory, it was the birth of my soulmate, it was a message from above that someone else came to the world, someone that will complete the meaning of my life.

The image was rendered in Maxwell with heavy postprocessing in Photoshop. It took me few weeks to finish it … working in my spare time.


Wow…fantastic light and textures. I particulary love the hot/cold effect caused by the blue/red color. so great. no comments for me…5 stars


Good job mate!!
I love the light 5*


Very Nice! I love the composition ,textures and the lighting of your scene!
you have done a great job!!


i really love your work…lighting,texturing…can feel the ambience of the scene…great work:thumbsup:


great work man! esp. love the description, its very romantic & inspiring.


Amazing work.


I looks amazing , i could feel ur experience looking at the image.
I love every bit of the image.


Well done Toni,

That lighting and it’s effect on the walls, stairs and the cycle is immense.
Your description is just phenomenal too. Tremendous work all round.


LouisCho, elnady, prelot, tuuhia, Cyborgguineapig, Daggie
Glad you like the image, thanks

imtilongchar …
My wife always asked me why didn’t I create something for her all this time. But, I was just waiting for the right moment of inspiration. :slight_smile:

PaulHellard …
Thanks Paul … I can’t wait for Expose 5 to arrive. :wink:



Is the story true though? And is your wife 4 years younger than you? :thumbsup:


Wow … fantastic enviroment! … 5* :thumbsup:


Master piece! Great work on lighting and textures. :thumbsup:


that is just great stuff! I love the amount of deatail and the feel of the image! I would love to see the wire! Uvik je gust vidit kako neko rastura iz domace ekipe! :slight_smile:


Amazing work Toni.

YOu’ve always been such an inspiration.

The dedication is very touching, and the art is breathtaking…

It means a lot to be driven by such an emotional state, and that is why your works always say and express such a great story…

You have reached the next level, I wish more people will follow you…

Keep it up man…:applause:


My new wallpaper! :wink:

This is truly amazing! Fantastic Work!
I love those textures, lighting and composition.

Good work!


a touching story and a truly amazing environment with a sole. hard to believe it’s 3d really. a new level of realism.


I like your image & I like your story …5* to vote


Beautiful mood and lighting :thumbsup:


Just amazing! Very romantic description, and the picture caught the mood very good. There’s not a single thing I would change!