IT: Longhorn's Windows Graphics Foundation Examined


'David Blythe of the DirectX development team gave a very interesting talk about the upcoming 3D graphics architecture in Longhorn, the next major revision of Windows. Called Windows Graphics Foundation (WGF), this new architecture will usher in some major changes to how 3D graphics operations get handled by Longhorn. These changes extend well beyond Longhorn’s Avalon technology, which will render the Windows Desktop using a GPU’s 3D graphics processing power rather than the traditional 2D blitter. WGF will instead define the core 3D operations themselves


sounds exciting :slight_smile:


Sounds like a needless resource hog.

I’m all for a nice looking interface, but personally, I’d rather have my apps run faster than having a flashy windows interface suck up all the system resources.
I guess time will tell how it turns out.


“The gayest Windows ever!” will be their new motto.


Half the point is that it WILL run faster! Right now when your just in Windows, how much of a Quadro/GeForce’s graphics power/memory is being used? Hardly any as far as I know, it’s all the CPU and your regular RAM. By using up some of a highend cards 128/256meg of GPU power you take the strain off the CPU etc. Leaving more for processing what the apps need.

At least that’s my understanding.


It sounds like they just take every word out of Steve jobs last keynote speech about Tiger. When are these guys going to develop their own operating system? Never… :eek:


sounds exciting, but i want a screenie!! lol


This looks pretty good, Longhorn is shaping up to be one nice OS release. Here’s a link to a preview of one example of the tech. inside LH. The media browser. Fairly stunning stuff.


Ugh, such a lame gimmick! It reminds me of some flash web-site that annoys the hell out of you after a few minutes of using it.


Hey I think it’s swell that microsoft is going to have a new operating system,but um,are they actually going to call it…Longhorn? Couldn’t they come up with a better name than that?I mean yeah the numbers & letters are getting boring but Longhorn?If I buy this operateing system do I get a cowboy hat and a pair of chaps or what? Longhorn? When I saw this name I said it must be either about some kinda’ cheese or a rodeo clown with a laptop.


Not really. It’s a proof of concept which I for one would dearly love to have. especially dealing with tens of thousands of photographs.

There’s a number of reasons why this is impressive, especially when it comes to moving the file/folder metaphor forward in the future.


lol, that’s what I thought too. But LH is just the codename, and in MS tradition is named after a place, a mountain in this case, I think.


sounds like the biggest waste of pc powermanagment and a new dimension of m$ own spyware to me.


Yeah whatever it is ,it is, as long as they don’t call it long…horn! I think Bill was sitting on a mountian eat’in some cheese?:shrug:


How so? Longhorn is pretty impressive as it exists now, and I’m a die-hard Unix user.


yeah that media management app is pretty neato :smiley: would be really nice to deal with a lot of textures and quickly organizing them.


Yeah - for people like us who care about what their pc is doing and actually have things that need the processer. But for people who have a 3 Ghz processor and use it to read email and surf the web? Might as well use all of that for something…

The spyware aspect is probably legit - but you can turn that stuff off in media player as it exits today.



Im not a huge bill fan… in fact I dont like bill at all… and i usualy agree that most M$ products that come out are crap… but how can you guys deny the coolness of that?! I mean, gimme a free floating camera and let me organize my pictures in 3d space and im a happy guy… well im already a happy guy but :stuck_out_tongue: just seems perdy cool to me…

Anyways this really does open alot of new directions for everyone… at least i think so :shrug:


An active 3D UI will require hardware that is generaly idle in basic operations to run. I bet it will look cool but at what expense. I am running my AMD64 systems with the classic Windows interface and I’m not missing anything. Not unlike Win XPs release, Longhorn will require some computer upgrade considerations if you want all the bells and whistles running. I hope Longhorn comes with the Classic UI options.



What sounds good so far, is that most of these effects are done on the GPU, therefore off-loading much of the burden from the cpu. It sounds pretty much that you’l get the effects depending on your gfx board, a bit like what Apple has done with their Quartz Extreme display system. MS’ sems to have gone quite a bit further in what they’re attempting here though.

There will also be 3 tiers of Window displays. The most basic wil be a classic one taking care of those who have old, or under-powered gfx cards; then there’s an intermediate one, and then the full blown one which will make use of the LH display tech. that the card can support.