It is possible to make a living selling video game VFX in Unreal Marketplace?


I will learn how to make VFX for video games using Unreal Engine, Houdini, After Effects and other technologies, but in my country (Dominican Republic) there 's no video game company, so I think that the online marketplace is the only option I have. Please tell me if I can make a living like that or there are much better websites to sell my work.


Making a living wage by U.S./Western European standards through Marketplace sales is very difficult to do. But I’m guessing your cost of living is a whole lot cheaper. That makes it a much more realistic goal.

You’ll still need both good quality work and some skill at self promotion. But on the upside, if you’re making good quality Marketplace content, you’ll probably start getting emails from people interested in hiring you for remote freelance work.


Thanks for the info.


Thanks for sharing


Video games are very popular now. But there are many such developments. I think if you tell more people about it, you’ll be able to find your consumers.


you don’t think that computer games are many. You will be able to find those who will like your game. Make an email to different people. The more people learn about your game, the greater the probability of your earnings at the game. For more likely, use an email verification api by Proofy
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It’s not an easy task but you can try


Definitely possible, but for this, as well as for everything else that brings money you need to put enough time, effort and money


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