Ist there solution for Using Split to Objects in r20


The great tool from fabian Rosenkranz "Split2Objects 1.3 "– Splits an object based on polygon selections.
(Version 9 or higher, COFFEE, Mac & Pc 32 & 64 bit) works with r19
is programmed in coffee and
not available in r20 !
does anybody have a work arround?



I Use “Perfect Split”.

Don’t recall the vendor or any details. Use it a lot though.


It would be great if Fabian’s “Split 2 Objects” was rewritten for Python. Belushy - maybe we could both drop him a line and ask him if it woyld be possibe? See:
I have a declared interest - I was the guy that requested he make it in the first place - many years ago !

Perfect split is good, but it’s a manual selection by selection job - so no good for a whole bunch of selection tags.

While I don’t want to be ungrateful - I did find some issues with “Selection to Object Split” linked above: It didn’t work with selection tags alone - only selection tags that have linked materials.
But the big issue: if there were polys with no material assigned - they were deleted. Not good.



I second @kbar post. It works as expected. The only downside is each selection tag must have a corresponding material.