Issues with position/link constraints when animating a centipede


The way this rig is supposed to work is that this simple rig is copied over to each leg and linked to the corresponding joint of the centipede ‘spine’. This way every leg will have a looped animation where i can still control the position of each step where need be, as the leg will move to the position of the left dummy helper.

This is my issue. I’m animating the legs by position constraining the IK, weighting between the 3 dummy helpers. When the IK hits the front dummy, the weight of the IK goes 100% over to the small box, and the small box gets linked (link constraint) to world until the leg is off the ground again, keeping the leg grounded. Now I want to move the small box back into the position of the front box, and let the same cycle happen again.

What i basically need is a way to move an object to the position of another object with keyframes, preferably without using position constraint, as it now just resets the leg back to the original positon when the positon constraint is de-activated for the IK-action to take place. (Position constraint overrides the link constraints)

Please ask if anything is unclear, it’s a tricky one to explain.
Any help is appreciated!