Issues with Particle Rendering in 3Delight & RenderMan


Recently, I’ve been exploring rendering modules for Maya 2018 and have been experimenting with RenderMan & 3Delight for my next animation since Mental Ray’s dead and Arnold won’t batch render without a watermark unless I pay. However, I’m running into issues regarding Particle effects. In my scene I have bursts of particles appear at certain points. These particles are basic streak lines. However, when I run it on my scene each renderer has issues showing the particles.

This is how the particles should look like and how they are in my editor.

In 3Delight, those same Particles render like this.

In RenderMan, they instead show up like this.

I admit, I am not very knowledgeable about Rendering nor do I make renders very often so I’ve been at a complete loss as to why this is happening. Even when I make a new scene and test render with just particles, the same thing happens and nothing in the settings seems to affect it. I can’t find anything in either renderer’s documentation that helps either. I only have basic knowledge of rendering processes and Mental Ray (pre-Nvidia running it into the ground), so I’d really appreciate some help to figure out why this is happening and any suggestions on how to fix it. I’ve looked all week for a solution and have found nothing so far.


Basic streak lines only can use Hardware2.0 to render,if u can use houdini,this can be solve。