Issues with fur texturing ..


Hey !!! I was trying to do fur texture of the dog I modelled … But unfortunately, I am facing some issues with it . When I am using brush tool to style them .The hairs don’t settle on the surface of it evenly . Is there anybody having an idea to resolve it ?Hairs are set to polygon area and count is set to 50000…


Few suggestions:
-Increase segment count of hairs to allow hair to fold back
-There is an option that relates to how the hair initially thrusts out from the poly. I can’t remember the name of the command and I’m currently on my iPad so can’t reference it for you. It’s in the help system
-For an an entire dog you probably need more hairs

-Is this an animation or just a still image? If it’s just a still image I would turn dynamics off and then groomed look = final look.


When you say “fur” and “brush” I assume you are using the Hair object.

  • Are there sufficient guides?
  • Are the guides placed in a way that allows for good interpolation?
  • Is Dynamics switched on? If so, is that really needed? (as a real dog’s hair doesn’t move all that much…)
  • Is the dynamics switched to “Hair” or to “Guides”? If the latter, note that hair might penetrate the surface even if the guides do not.
  • Is there a hair collision tag on the object?
  • Using the brush, is “Collisions” checked?

many many possible issues…