Issues with Animation - rigging [Which sub-forum?]


I’m quite confused about the sub-forums here and was wondering where should I ask for help about a 3d rigging issue.

I’m new to this forums and sorry to bother!


Match the sub-forum to the software you are using even if they don’t have a special ‘rigging’ sub-forum for it.
For example maya’s sub-forums for any maya questions, etc.


Maya forum is here:

Max is here:

Cinema4D is here:


It is possible, but it requires some scripting. I could be of more help if you gave me more information. Are you using 3D models or sprites within the game? How are you planning on animating the character (importing into unity, or using unity’s native tools)? Are you looking for information on setting up the animations only, or for doing the necessary scripting? Clean Master Facebook Lite