Issue after remeshing


Hello all

I am currently evaluating Zbrush and follwing a few tutorials. Ran into one where I am modelling with ZSpheres to make an ant. After adding some basic geometry and detail on my first polymesh, I followed the tutorial and recreated the topology to optimize the tool for further work using ZRemesher. All went very well except one area on the belly.

Looking at the PolyFrame and selecting polygroups, I discovered a duplicate polygon layer which I managed to remove. When sculpting, I found tears in the seams and the lines do not lign up. The re-meshed tool was a single entity from the start.

I have tried so many suggestions posted in forums and in tutorials to weld this but I just cant do it. Dynamesh on all polygons is the only solution that has worked so far but I would like to keep the polygons from the re-meshed tool. Any suggestions on welding together the seams?

Thanks in advance,




Remeshed it and after a few tweaks I am happy :grimacing:

Please delete post :space_invader: