Isotropix Clarisse Alpha Available


seriously?,… no modeling?


If they’re selling it for the same price as autodesk products it should at least be able to compete with cheaper products.


Can’t disclose the selling price means it is not cheap, like some niche software are doing it and charge based on the affordability of the company not ordinary user. All the big names have to merge because it has reached the limit and time to eliminate redundancy from unhealthy competition.

On the other hand, there is open source Blender, this put it in between and who are the users in this stage? The starving artist as advertised by Houdini?


Well they don’t disclose an exact price, but they said more than 4 digits and around the same range as the other big 3D apps.


Like 5 digits? :slight_smile:


5 digits?..sounds pretty ‘handy’ to me! :applause:
but costs more than Houdini?..EEEK :argh:


OMG… has anyone tried what they call contextual specialization? This should become standard for any 3d application: it’s truly awesome, if I had this feature in production it would literally save hours of painful work.


This “contextual specialisation” of which you speak. I beseech you to enlighten us more, for we are yearning for knowledge regarding said feature, but yet, and i can only speak for myself here, too lazy to check it out.


from their documentation:

Probably one of the most powerful and yet unique feature of Clarisse is  that it allows you to create easily, on object attributes, contextual  modifications. Let's take back the previous example and be more explicit  this time. Imagine you have a 3d car geometry in a 3D layer of an  image. The car is referenced in other images or 3d layers and still [b]you want to modify in one of them the diffuse color attribute of the car paint material[/b].  Basically, what you would like to do is to modify the diffuse color  attribute of a material solely in the context of an image. Thanks to  Clarisse, this complex modification is made in a matter of a few clicks: 

[li]Select the car_paint_material in the attribute editor, assuming it wasn’t selected.[/li]> [li]Right click on the color attribute and in the menu select the sub menu Localize in. A choice of possible contexts should be displayed. Simply select the one you want my_image.3d_layer.my_3d_car[/li]> [li]Change the color to the one you wish.[/li]> [li]Enjoy your contextual modification![/li]> [/ul]

Now another example, imagine you have in your scene a light, a car, and a ground. Let's say the light color is yellow. Well with contextual specialization, you can change the light color for example within the context of the ground for example to make it blue. In fact you can modify contextually any objects attributes (position, rotation, displacement, filename...)

Hope this make sense :), it’s really obvious when you do the tutorials…



I don’t underastand “within the context of the ground”.


Me neither… my best guess is he’s saying that the modifications to the light are only applied to how it interacts with the ground and not with the car.
So the light still emits yellow light on the car but blue on the ground?

But this is just a guess…


edit - nevermind


when the ground is rendered/shaded the light is considered as blue. You can even specialize what the reflection of the ground reflects: here within the reflection context of the ground the car is replaced by a ultra low poly version


So in the example the light is shining on both the car and the ground, but when it hits the ground it’s blue, on the car it’s something else, white maybe. Could be useful in some circumstances I suppose.


Sounds similar to raylabels in renderman, which can be used to do these sort of ray tracing effects.

Although the lowres object in flautier’s example is a bit extreme, it is handy to do this sort of thing in order to reduce render times - I quite often use lowres geometry in shadow map renders and occlusion calculations in order to speed things up.


I want to keep an open mind about it, but having watched those videos even a few times, I still don’t really get what’s so special about Clarisse, or even what it’s good at doing.

Maybe they should release some new marketing videos?


if i had to compete with something like the above link id lower my price to a couple hundred bucks.


This could have been big years ago with hardware limitations. Now , not so much.


eh, except the above link requires Nuke which is around $4000.00.


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