Isometric Transform Attributes


I am trying to figure out the isometric transform attributes for eight different directions for use with eight directional isometric character movement. Saving them as presets.

I managed to solve one angle via trial and error… But I can’t seem to figure out the other numbers for the seven other isometric camera angles. I am using top down lighting so instead of rendering the character “moving in place” facing in eight different directions… I figure it would be easier just to change the camera position eight times and run another batch render.

Anyone know how to calculate out the other seven angles? I have been playing with the numbers and I am lost… Those tiles are just images pasted in in photoshop to verify the proper perspective is correct.

If I can’t figure this out I guess I could just rotate the character animation seven times.


Im not sure I understand what you want to do, but if you place a locator at the spot you want to rotate around(the character), parent your camera under it and then rotate the locator 45*, shouldn t that give you what you want?


That might work…

I placed a locator in the very center where the character will be over… But I can’t figure out how to parent my camera under it. Only been working with Maya less than a week…

I noticed in the dynamic relationships editor that when I create a new perspective camera and apply orthographic presets that it goes grey… So maybe it won’t work.

How do I link the locator to the camera so I can try? I only know how to parent by clicking two objects and hitting “P”.


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