Isn't 3D better than 2D nowadays? Then why do people want to pursue 2d?


Look at this: Example Picture.Now this: Example Picture.So, if it’s like, would you rather have some static, 2d image of something, or an incredible, photorealistic 3dimensional image you can rotate and animate and move throughout different scenes and camera angles: it just seems like 3d art is the better choice, right? Isn’t 2d outddated, or heading there as the realism and GPU processing power increases with 3d art? So, then, why would anyone want to pursue a limited, flat, 2d canvas, EVEN if you get to the level of photorealism, it’s still so… one dimensional, static, and flat? I mean if you’re looking for the ULTIMATE way to express your most badass incredible art ever, isn’t 3D the better higher road and path to take? ?


They are totally different things. 2D art is never going to become “out-dated” compared to anything else. That’s like saying why would you want a still render of a 3D scene when you could just do VR? Because I need to print an image on a poster and I can’t use a VR scene for that. Just a different type of media.

Having said that, in the past where 2D was the only option and now 3D is an option, you may choose to use 3D in some of those cases. And in my example, maybe that poster could be a VR experience… or it might still be a poster. :deal:


Some experimenting is faster in 2d. Silhouettes, color schemes. Drawing some elements is faster than modeling them.


kinda like asking why is there still blue around when green is the nicer colour. :smiley:


2D sketching/painting is faster, more intuitive and far more pleasant to work with for many classically trained artists than 3D modeling is.

There was research into 2D sketch-based 3D modeling many years ago that would have unified 2D and 3D artwork creation techniques. You’d sketch an object in 2D stylus/pen strokes, and the software would create a 3D model from those strokes. A wonderful idea that could have had a huge impact on how quickly and easily 3D artwork can be created, especially for artists who draw well.

For reasons that remain completely mysterious to this day, nobody invested seriously into that research, not one major 3D software adopted any of the sketch-based modeling techniques being developed (Max, Maya, XSI, C4D, LightWave and so on) and 2D to 3D modeling died.

So you are left with a gap between 2D sketching/painting, which is very fluid and intuitive if you have some drawing talent, and the click-click-click-drag-click-click-click-keystroke grindfest that is 3D poly modeling and texturing.

A lot of artists want to get from the image/concept in their artistic imagination to a good depiction of that image/concept quickly.

Currently 2D sketching/painting often does that far more easily than 3D modeling does.

What also turns 2D artists off 3D instantly is things like polygon topology problems, UV mapping, 3D texturing, rig deformation problems and other 3D horrors. 3D software is typically designed by engineers, not artists, and is more technical-logical-step-by-step-procedure based than artistic-intuitive-fluid-dreamlike.

In other words, if you are really good with digital or real world pen, pencil, airbrush and paintbrush, working in 3D with polygon feels horrible by comparison.

Some of the 3D drawing/painting tools being developed for VR may once again narrow the gap between 2D sketching and 3D modeling.

But I feat that just like with 2D sketch based modeling, these tools will not take things far enough, not get enough real world adoption, and become relegated to cool 3D tech demos.


For some reason people tend to think 3d magically makes creation process easier or faster. Whereas it depends on the skill of the creator.
It reminds me about one artist, who said “wow, you can make anything in 3d!”. It’s a misconception. If you can’t make it fast in 2d, you similarly won’t make it fast in 3d.


I am a big Fan of Japanese anime and Marvel comics
of course I am aware that alot of it today uses cell shaded 3D elements.
still I utterly despise “3D comics” unless they have a really good toon shader Like the C4D toon renderer that I used to make this comic years ago.

Not the case for everyone Mate.:wise:

I started as a shaded pencil artist in grammer school and moved on to Airbrush then acrylic painting on stretched canvas.
I only got into 3D because character animation with 3D is way faster and I used only prefab assets until about three years ago when I had a bit of an “NZT brain drug” epiphany where 3D modeling suddenly became very easy to me.

While I do agree that dealing with UV mapping in 2018 is utter lunacy,:rolleyes:
I find modeling in apps Like MODO and even C4D as enjoying as Drawing was for me.


Lol…a mode of generating art by virtue of advances in technology doesn’t cancel out another, both mediums are viable avenues of expression just depends upon one’s particular artistic focus, although that said if for whatever reason world energy resources were to abruptly cease too exist tomorrow then a traditionally trained artist will continue creating work without missing a beat :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you tried Uvlayout? It’s leaps forward from other unwrapping, and is blazingly fast.


Some people like apples… some people like oranges more…


Ok, so you may not have heard this in reference to 3D art, but art is subjective. Everyone really has their own tase. I personally like both and the best art generally has a mixture of elements that can be related to either medium.


Im a 2d artist and just starting to learn 3d but only the basics because I need to learn it for my job being a Matte Painter. Personally as a matte painter, i think the 2d work is better then 3d, it can achieve a look that 3d just cant do even if you have all the studios in the world. I dont think 3d will take over 2d ever.


For the simple reason that at the front end of every big budget feature film is a 2d visual development department. 3d doesn’t exist without 2d.


Also, are these not both 3d renders? The whole premise of this thread is :rolleyes:


3D does not give you the beautiful artistic fingerprint that 2D drawing and painting can achieve–the interesting brushwork, the selective detail, the organic looking execution, the creative use of abstraction. Look at these examples of 2D art:

3D cannot achieve that kind of aesthetic–at least not until NPR (Non-Photorealistic Rendering) becomes a lot more advanced.


2d art and 3d (sculptures/buildings/etc) have been around for thousands of years…with luck, they will be for another.


I do both 2D/ Illustration (both traditionally and digitally), as well as 3D based work and from my experience, I’ve found that:

> For most people, doing 2D and Still Illustration work is seems to give a more… personally satisfying and self accomplishing feeling, than what one would get from 3D/Computer generated work.
> 2D work (depending on the style and quality) is often considered to take longer to produce than it is for most 3D based content (depending on it’s style and quality as well.)
> Most people are usually looking to achieve certain styles when it comes to 2D work (such as Anime/Manga), while with 3D, it mostly used to give work a realistic look and feel to work, especially to characters.
> Most people who want to get into the Art Field, especially animation, are told to get into Traditional/2D first, before going into digital/3D. Something to do about better understanding the history of the field, and the work you’re doing or whatever <.<
> Some countries around the world are not fully “tech savy” yet, so for them 2D and/ or Stop Motion based work is their only option to creating content.
> And for some of those who are not fully tech savy folks, digital equipment and software is expensive for them… (this includes getting internet access.)
> And lastly, 3D can’t really live without 2D <.< Last time I checked, colours and textures in 3D Software, are technically 2D made, so…
> And sure the quality of 3D work might be better and produced faster, but given the fact that art has been created traditionally or by hand for thousands of yrs before, you could say that for some people, doing 2D work is just a habit they got accustomed to doing and or have more respect for, than compared to 3D. That’s life in general really…


IMO, anime still has some of the best effects, story telling, and art I’ve ever seen. Don’t know the cost, but has to be low.

Also, who cares :slight_smile: Life is too short, just do what you enjoy.


3D is Love <3 @D is Also Good !


Because we all know that 2D drawing and painting is still necessary in the industry, coundn’t actually the real discussion be about 2D vs 3D in terms of animated movie?
I think this is really where the comparison is interesting.
And also, why all major traditional studios went for 3D animated films (disney, etc)?