Islander, Gina Pitkanen (2D)


Title: Islander
Name: Gina Pitkanen
Country: Finland
Software: Photoshop

Title: Islander
Artist: Gina Pitkanen
Software: Photoshop
Created for Nightwish’s new CD Dark Passion Play.
Painted in Photoshop CS for the Islander song and used in the inner booklet.
Thanks for looking


Fantastic work;i love it:thumbsup:


Some parts of your image are totaly professional, specialy the face and hand but the other parts are —><— appositte, why didn’t you carry on the same way you did with the skin.

good job.:eek:


yea! but i like d overall feel! good work mate!..


Nice work! I especially like the corner of the eye and the hand, but the picture in whole is just awesome. Although the clothing (cap and jacket) quite dont match with the overall look, but it’s no problem really.
Erittäin hieno työ!


Very skilled stuff!! Re: the hat etc, you could add a few photo texture overlays to quickly bump up the detail?


…on the face and hands. The pipe is well done, too. The clothes…well…could use a bit more work. My biggest crit would have to be the waves breaking on the light-house…they just look like bunched cotton, to me. I do like it, just needs a bit more work to make me love it!



I think this is a wonderful image. The character really has a lot of soul in those eyes. I agree the waves breaking over the lighthouse could be a little more dramatic. IMHO Have you contemplated adding a touch of noise to the image (giving the illusion of micro pores and to scatter the water droplets giving the peak of the cap in particular a sense of spray from the rain drops?) and adding a slight tint of green in the variations settings?

A really lovely image. It’s clear that a lot of time and devotion was spent on this piece. Top stuff!


Thank you all for the comments and tips to improve the image. They do really help in where to work on the image more. Thanks all! :slight_smile:


awesome image! one easy fix would be to make the beard a bit more scraggly. it looks a little too perfect imo

keep it up!


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