Is XSI Foundation upgreadable or not ( Avid gives conflicting answers )


I have an e-mail from Avid/Softimage which says if I want to upgrade foundation somewhere down the road it would cost me only $1500 ( difference in price between Essentials and Foundation versions ).

Over the phone they told me that Foundation is not upgradeable.

They don’t exactly know whether that means you can’t upgrade to the next version of Foundation, or whether you can’t upgrade to Essentials and have to fork out the full price of $2000.

Anybody knows what the deal is ( since Softimage guys themselves don’t seem to know , I know I may be asking a bit too much )


there’s no version upgrade policy in place yet, so until one is devised (after they get an idea of where sales are going) it’s a no update app, but it’s UPDATE as in version upgrade.
upgrade to bigger versions is contemplated and it’s a no-added-fees difference between what you paid for foundation and the other license of your choice.


Well, hopefully that is correct ( as in the e-mail I have ).

One shouldn’t have to pay the full price for essentials, if they’d already paid $500 for foundation ). They’ll probably sell a lot more foundation copies if they make it clear.

The way I see it, you pay $500 for exactly that, a foundation, so you should only pay the difference in price to unlock the rest otherwise they are charging you another $500 for what you already bought.

That may turn people off and make them stick with what they already have.


Here is what Softimage Sales told me - "–We currently have Upgrade paths to both XSI Essentials and Advanced, from Foundation. If you live in the US, an Upgrade to XSI Essentials Win v4.0 from Foundation will run you USD $1,500.



Only upgradable on the same version but not future version?


that’s a good thing, it means people can get foundation and get started to see if they like XSI or not but maybe that was the whole point of this price drop :slight_smile:


again, what I was told from softimage on upgrading to XSI 4.3 or 5.0 (whatever comes out next) - “As of now, there are no Upgrade paths planned, but this may change in the future. We always listen to our customers :-)”


We always listen to our customers :-)"

I hope so cos buying a piece of software not upgradable to future version is IMO money not wisely invested no matter how affordable it is.


See, we are getting more confused all the time.

This is my concern.

I buy XSI Foundation 4.0

Then XSI 4.1, or 5.), or whatever comes out and I decide to upgrade to ESSENTIALS version.

I should still be able to upgrade to Essentials version for $1500

Or can I only update from foundation to essentials while it’s still at version 4.0?

Or whatever else is going on??


you can update to essentials 4.0 at any time for 1500.


My impression from the Softimage XSI staff is that they are interested in keeping their users happy and that there are still plans being developed based on what the users want and the response to the price change. I believe Jaco has said the same thing. You can always email them directly. They have been very fast responding.


I wouldn’t worry guys.
Softimage have shown themselves to be fair in their upgrade policy in the past. I purchased XSI-Foundation about three months before the recient price drop, reciently they upgraded myself and others to XSI-Essentials free of charge because they felt it was the right thing to do. In light of this I don’t see them turning into money grabbing corporate monsters overnight :smiley:


Wow Yog, I’m really impressed to hear that. Now THAT is classy :smiley:


Wow. That was incredibly cool of them.


:_] (happy tears)


Is this still the case? I was searching around the SI site for updating costs but couldn’t find anything, thought it was just me. Then I came here, did a search and found this. So I assume if you get Foundation 4.2 but then want to update to the next version, you have to shell out another 500 bucks.

Well, I guess that seals the decision for me, Animation Master it is.


Is this still the case? I was searching around the SI site for updating costs but couldn’t find anything, thought it was just me. Then I came here, did a search and found this. So I assume if you get Foundation 4.2 but then want to update to the next version, you have to shell out another 500 bucks.

Suppose whe don’t really know right now.

I’m planning to upgrade my VUE 4 PRO to VUE 5 Infinite.
It’s to be released mid Mars and the upgrade price has not been known for more than some weeks.

So I would not really expect Softimage to release any price info until it’s time to release the next version, also one must consider that Softimage is trying something new here and that they must be able to evaluate the result before they decide on if or how to continue on this.

If there will be no upgrade offer to next foundation, well then I just stay with V4 a bit longer than I would do else. V4 as it is, beats A:M on almost everything and best of all, I’m not forced into an isolated world of patches.


Keep in mind Animation Master has a $99 a year upgrade price. HellBorn has a point about A:M patches, although if you are creating content on your own it’s not a problem.

My own personal opinion is that even if you were unable to upgrade XSI to the latest version the existing version would serve you well for a long time.


As Jaco mentioned you can currently:

Upgrade FND 4.2 to Essentials (win) for $1500 the price you paid for FND is discounted into the upgrade. FND 4.2 to Advance is $6,500 same discount is taken into account.

What has not be determined as of yet is upgrading from FND 4.2 to the next released version and what that pricing would be. As Yog mentioned, I would expect Soft to come up with a decent upgade pricing.

See the following Post by the Product manager:;action=display;threadid=14026;start=30

[size=2]There WILL be a charge for Foundation users if they want to upgrade to a major release. But the price has not been set yet. It will not be the full amount but it will not be $10 either.

When a product has no maintenance and no support it switches to an upgrade mode - just look at Max

When a product has maintenance (like Essentials and Advanced) there is no upgrade fee to a major version, it is included in the price, just as support is. This is normally a percentage of the retail price. If you have an old version and no maintenance then there is also and “uprgade” price to the latest version, just as there is with Foundation. Almost all vendors act this way. It is how they stay in business.

As for regional variations on pricing. Depending on the company a price is fixed in one currency (if they operate worldwide - as Avid does) We fix our price in US Dollars and then have a set conversion table for all currencies we sell in. Just because the exchange rate varies does not mean the prices will as this is a logistical nightmare. When exchange rates vary enough - conversions are reset and delived to all the regions, but this also does not happen overnight.

Ask yourself a question - is it reasonable for Softimage to charge an upgrade fee for major versions. Then ask yourself how much you are willing to pay. When we set the price (which will be as reasonable as running a business allows) if it is more than you are willing to pay then you still have a choice not to upgrade. What you can do in Foundation is considerable and given that the price of Foundation is fantastically priced already whatever the uprade fee - it will surely be worth it

XSI Product Manager [/size]


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