is vue dead?


I am curious what peoples thoughts are as vue has not released a version of xtreme or infinite since 2016 and that was two years ago.


Is that really two years since November 2016? Additionally since then e-on has published the R2 and just a couple of days ago an R3 version of Vue and TPF. In both cases with improvements, new features etc.


Vue 2016 was released in 2015, so yes it has been at least two years. This was after several previous versions being released annually. Vue 2016 R3 did not introduce any significant new features but was rather a collection of patches. Furthermore all the major partners that used to develop tools and tutorials for Vue have moved on to other things. These partners include Quadspinner, Asilefx., Geekatplay. etc. Is there anyone doing what they did now? It is now very hard to find render farms that have Vue. Ranch Render did not even upgrade to Vue 2016 for instance… Also if you noticed in this very Vue forum this post thread has been the only one in quite sometime.


There has certainly been a “lag phase” with the activity by e-onsoftware in 2016. However, after Barry Marshall took over responsibility at Cornucopia3D, communication improved a lot and users like Walther, Daniel and others are very active at the e-onsoftware forum and on Facebook.


Thanks ChristianZ.

I maybe should add that I am full time with e-on now - support and this and that. Therefore I KNOW that generation 2016 came out in 2016, even when it was wished for since 2015, this is right.


I actually don’t believe you do work for e-on otherwise you would have addressed the other specific related issues that I raised about the general lack activity around this product. Coincidentally part of why I am asking the community about Vue being dead is the lack of responsiveness to support tickets for simple issues. I have been using this product for quite some time and e-on support has never been so unresponsive.


Well, can you give me your Vue account name or a link to a ticket that you have raised? I did a search under the name that you use here (Tim Portlock) and did not find any registration in the database. Doesn’t mean too much, I know. You can use another account of course. But I really would like to see what sort of tickets you have raised that were not answered - and when.

To your other things. I think you have overseen the quote about Vue generation 2016 been out in November 2016 that I posted here. Go to e-ons news page if you do not believe me and verify it yourself. When I calculate it right, November 2016 to September 2017 - less than one year, definitely not two years.

Ah, and Quadspinner, AsileFX and Geekatplay. True, Dax (Quadspinner) has another focus at the moment. He is doing a terrain editor as standalone product, something that keeps him quite busy. And Vladimir (Geekatplay)? True too, he changed his focus to photography, no 3D anymore. This can happen indeed, but has nothing to do with Vue and e-on. And AsileFX? You have totally overseen that he has a new training for Vue 2016 out I guess. Otherwise you would not write he is not with Vue anymore. So go and get it, it is on sale at the moment.

And back to support. My average response time to tickets is under one day. 10.52 hours (0.4 day) to be precise. You think that is too slow? The total average response time, according to our statistics, is 2.34 days (checked it again today). Is that really THAT bad?


I forgot to mention one thing. There are several VERY active Facebook groups for Vue users. One (Vue Galleries) has more than 2600 members. New posts EVERY day, all questions are answered, very good vibrations there.

Things change, looking only into the “classical” forums like this here or Renderosity might not give a full picture of what’s going on.


My name is literally in the “posted by” section of the ticket form which I initiated over two weeks ago and I pay for and am up to date on Vue maintenance. That is great that you are responding to tickets in 10.52 hours but that is clearly not the case for every ticket e-on receives. If you truly do work for e-on are you responsible for all the tickets? And no I am not posting additional personal information on a public forum. Also I do not know who you really are.

Thank you for confirming my suspicion that there is little to no development of new learning materials and third party tools for Vue. As I previously stated, each of the people I named are no longer developing anything for Vue and there aren’t others taking on this role. The one exception you named, AsileFX, did indeed develop one series about terrains for Vue 2016. However if you look at the number of tutorials AsileFX developed for each previous version of Vue you can definitely see a big decline. Yes there is a Vue community on Facebook but as far as I can see it is almost entirely consists of people posting images for likes. I have been using Vue xStreme for a long time. Xtreme’s rasion d’etre is to enable integration between Maya (or max) and Vue. While there are some things Xtreme excels at, e-on has always done a very poor job of explaining how integration actually works outside of installing the plug-in and synching scale units etc. The Xtreme tutorial videos produced by Ignisfatuus many years ago are really the only thing that addressed the nuts and bolts of how integration between Vue and other modeling/animation software and it has been years since you could get those. Please prove me wrong on this point as I have devoted way to much time to this. Over the last couple of years the learning situation has gotten even worse causing me to wonder if Vue is mostly for hobbiest.

Finally you never addressed my point about render farms. What established reputable render farm currently supports Vue 2016? Rendercore doesn’t anymore. Ranch only goes to 2015, etc.This is crucial as Vue is extremely render intensive.


True, I have not replied to the point “render farms”. Simply because I do not know the reason why The Ranch have not updated. And I only talk about things I know about, guesses is not my style.

Ahhhh, I JUST found you in the system. Several tickets from you, one is not answered, correct. For this I indeed must apologize. You definitely will get an answer AND a solution to the problem you have. When the people who handle things like that - since e-on was taken over by Bentley things are a lot more formalized - are back. One is back tomorrow, I will force her to look into this asap.

PS: You maybe do a search at YouTiube AND you maybe want to apply for the Webinar that e-on offers on 9th and 10th of September about PlantFactory. You will see, there are a lot of activities beyond the death of e-on.


You do not need to explain the reason why Ranch has not updated their version of Vue because that is not the question I asked you. My question was how many established and reputable render farms support the current version or Vue. This is an important question as it indicates how large and vibrant the community is for this software. If this rendering intensive program is not profitable enough for render farms to support then that probably means there are not very many people using the software outside of a non-professional hobby community. I was in the process of starting a new project with the current version of Vue and I can not find any reputable render farms who will support it so I chose Maya, Arnold and xfrog. My suggestion is that until established mainstream render farms support Vue again your company should dramatically lower the price of render nodes so that your users have the capacity to cheaply set up their own clouds farms. You might actually grow your user base from it’s current tiny size.

Your suggestion that I go to Youtube or sign up for a Webinar on Plant factory is strange considering my specific point which is there has only been very superficial information about how integration works for vue xstreme with Maya (or any other modeling program). Again, aside from installing the plugin and how to synch the scaling units between the two programs there is nothing explaining this very basic reason for why someone would buy this software. To reiterate, the main reason someone would buy Vue xstreme is so that scences that are created in Maya and in Vue can be rendered out as one integrated image. Unfortunately, the process for doing this has never been explained except in the very hard to find videos produced by Ignisfatuus 7 or 8 years ago. I have extensively researched this and again, I would love if you could show me specifically where on Youtube this information is provided. I am not clear how Plant Factory webinars has anything to do with this issue. Are you suggesting that I should give up on Vue and instead learn Plant Factory?

Apparently you do work for e-on. Unfortunately by talking about the number of previous tickets I have filed you have put my personal information on a public forum which I did not previously agree to. Does your employer know this? You should know that in America this privacy violation could potentially expose your company to legal liability. The one things I will say about that, because it is my prerogative alone to bring it up, is that my most recent support ticket is the only ticket I have submitted in many years. Years ago the response times on support tickets was at most two days not three weeks which is how much time has expired since I submitted my current outstanding ticket to your company. If only your response time to my recent support ticket was nearly as quick as your response time to my posts on this public forum about your software perhaps we would not be having this discussion in the first place. I suggest that you not write another post to this thread until it honestly contains some version of the sentence “I have resolved your support ticket”.


And I thought that I am not working for e-on, how can I know then the real numbers of your posts? However, I deeply apologize to violate your personal rights and edit the number out of my post. And of course stop as well to get notifications for this thread, I do not want to hurt your feelings at all further on.


So again you still have time to respond to my posts here but not resolve my support ticket ? As I mentioned in my previous post you apparently do work for Vue Bently, or whatever, because you put my personal information on this site which could get your and your company sued. You are not hurting my feelings, rather, you are demonstrating your incompetence and the incompetence of the company that hired you. Your postings are evidence to people for why they should not buy products from your company.


Honestly you two should just join forces grab the best tutorials for Vue and post them up here if there are artist you think are doing something cool. More than happy to give you mod status to take advantage of the real estate. We are more than willing to support and plug those works. Our Facebook account alone typicaly generates 20 to 30k views in the first hour or two of posting examples. The goal here is to give back and support.



This is the end, beautiful friend
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R.I.P. Vue


im agree with u about vue being dead.
i had much more negative review about this app but they edit my last comment so im not going to repeat problems again


Ha! at czarnyrobert.

I see Vue these days as a company that has out-priced themselves from their original hobby/user customer base is all. BBS forum traffic dying over the years is not helping 3D modeler fans either. Twitter and Facebook seem to carry most of the 3D news now. Sites like this will fade, just as 3D magazines have from bookstores that are also ghost towns now. The Internet has more things to compete with now.


We are pleased to inform you that we have just released VUE and PlantFactory 2016 Release 6 (R6). We are sure you will enjoy the new features !

Check this out! More information can be found in our press release.


If it is dead I think I know how they can save it. First significantly reduce the cost of the software. Then advertise. I think vue is one of the most user friendly 3D programs out there. It could be the Photoshop of 3D. But it’s too expensive and not enough people know about it. It is one of my secret weapons in my graphics toolkit.