Is this supposed to happen?


Something that I’ve been aware of for some time, but I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like this, or not…

When I unclick a dynamic object, it isn’t really turned off. Let’s say I have 2 wind objects and a PFX object in a scene. I want wind1 to affect the particles, but wind2 is interfering. I unclick the wind which I need out of the calulations, but the affect is still there. Only after I delete it does it truly stop affecting the scene.

The same thing for Dynamics. If I have a character with ClothFX hair and SoftFX body parts, I like to calculate at different times, otherwise LW can’t handle it. So I have to save a file for the hair calc, then run a calc on the SoftFX.

If I just unclick SoftFX, and try to run a ClothFX calc, there is a crash. Hope this doesn’t sound too confusing.



I seem to recall HowardM stating there was a bug with the new FX that even though things were unchecked, they continued to have an affect. Sorry I can’t be specific to the post or anything.

I would chalk it up to annoying LW8.0 bug, notify newtek of it, if it’s reproducable, and then push on, for now. (yay for commas!)





yep, seems to be a bug.




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