Is this forum still active? :(


As the title says, is this the end for HMC ? :frowning:


I hated to bail on the last challenge but I’m still recovering from the flood back in August.
Unfortunately, looks like there isn’t enough interest anymore. :frowning:


Damn, how’re you doing so far Wyatt?
Hope this forum starts breathing again. I’ve joined several times here and followed people’s entries from college all the way up to when I started working and up to now. I’ve practically learned how to model cause of this forum and would hate to see it go :frowning:


The house was a total loss so we just started construction beginning of March. Hopefully, weather permitting, move in date will be June or July. We were living out of a camper trailer at first so I never thought I’d be so glad to move into a FEMA trailer. :smiley: I honestly haven’t done anything CG since the flood. It’s not my main career so other priorities took over.

I remember Roberto was going through the wringer as well. I hope things are better for him.

I have an idea. Instead of something official, how about we just start a challenge and see what happens. Something basic like “30 days, ~30 objects”. And since there are 30 days in April, how about we start on Saturday. I just beat ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ so I can pay attention to other things now. :smiley:

Call it a UHMC, Unofficial Hardcore Modeling Challenge.


Oh rad! Kinda in a similar situation. My house is underconstruction since my folks are putting on a third floor. Kinda hard living with dust around the whole house so kinda envious you’ve got a neat place to stay at hehe.

Yeah hope Roberto is doing fine. Haven’t seen him active for ages.

Perhaps! Though I’ve got a contest that I joined in Artstation since HMC was inactive. Would love to join though given the chance. Hopefully other folks here reply or join in.


Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking. Just too much going on to give this a solid effort.

But on the bright side, they are installing my windows today!


I know Roberto had quite a lot of problems but I hope things will get better. I’ve contacted admin and let you know.


Hey Wyatt sorry to hear about your home. My parents house was pretty devastated in 2013 with hurricane Sandy so I feel your pain.

I keep checking back here periodically hoping to see some new life and a new challenge also. I messaged Roberto a while ago with a suggestion about making a notification thread so people could be alerted to new activity. He responded saying he’d be making some changes soon but that was months ago.

Anyway I’d love to see a new challenge as well, hopefully we can get some traffic back in this neck of the woods.


Came back to start on Aprils Challenge after being gone for years. Finally have some free time. Sad to see its not really running anymore.


We are getting ready to launch a bunch of smaller bi monthly challenges with 10 new mentors to help. We are currently looking at how to merge or modify the forums;) Should have some news next week.


Great news! Happy to hear it


Sounds interesting. I’ll keep an eye out.


Until the merge, I will be cleaning house around here


Just saw the replies now. I’m happy to hear that this won’t die. Really, I learned so much from HMC from college all up to now that I’m working. I treasure this forum the most! :slight_smile: