Is this a simple script to write?


Ok so I got a job. Basically I got 50,000 names that I need to animate on a screen over time. Whatever it is, like 20 names per screen. Basically I’m going to get a spreadsheet from the client. Is there some simple way to like save as a .CSV and write a script that’ll copy and paste the text layer over and over again and extract the appropriate data? Is there an easy way to do this?

Trying to keep myself from having to Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v 50,000 times.


A quick search pulled up this quick script. Not sure if it will work for your needs or not. You’ll need to change the path of your file obviously, but hopefully it works for you.

myPath = “/C/Temp/text_test.txt”;
$.evalFile (myPath);
mySplit = txt.split(" ");
f = timeToFrames()
}catch (err){
“file not found”


Thanks for the response man. This job is long finished. I wound up hiring a developer to do the work as there was just too many variables coming from imperfect .CSVs to try and write a simple script for. He was able to parse the data and give me usable PDFs of the names over 0% opacity background to fit a graphical template I made. Convoluted but the workflow did what it was supposed to do. Successful job that the client was pleased with.