Is this a plugin (Mouth Shapes) för lip syncing?



Stumbled upon a video where they use Cinema to animate talking Minecraft characters.

They seem to have some buttons to help pose the shape of the mouth. I wonder if they use a plugin thats available or if they did it with “stock” C4D?

I tried but can’t find any information if this is a plugin or if it’s done with basic C4D features. They use Pose Morph tags (i think) but it’s how they link the poses to the buttons that interest me.

Maybe someone knows?



Looks like vanilla Cinema 4D for me.
You can create own user data controls in Cinema 4D (they can be buttons, sliders, on/off buttons, etc…) and use Xpresso to connect them to whatever you want.


Although it seems that camera base total facial capture is all the rage these days

I am a bit surprised that no one has used C4Ds python API to intergrate the free papagayo software for audio based lipsynch in C4D.

Reallusion introduced its python open Python API late last year and in short order someone cobbled a decent alternative to Iclone’s “less than stellar” audio basded lip synch using papagayo to generate the phonemes.


You mean something like this:

That’s not Papagayo but I did program the C4D plugin – CollieSync – to work in a similar way (the plugin provides control tags for handling the text, the split phrases, words, and viseme points, and allows “playing” the interpolated visemes in a final animation).

However, truth is when I presented the idea no one was interested at all, and there was no feedback, so I never bothered with marketing/selling it. I suppose the quality of facial capture these days is sufficient for people.