Is this a Bug in maya 6


We’ve come across this problem in v6
with a hand rig…

… If you put a ‘finger curl’ attribute
and add a ‘finger spread’ attribute,
they won’t work together anymore.
In v5 they worked fine.

On the left is from v5 -the curl and spread work.
On the right is V6 - The spread messes up the

So is there some new setting in V6 that
we are missing- or is this a Bug.

Thanks in advance for any help…



Did you check the Local Rotation Axes of the Joints?


Yes- that’s not it… all the LRAs are oriented

‘curl’ works fine by itself…
‘spread’ works fine by itself…

but put the two together and… blaghgh.
it almost seems like putting the two attributes together
causes the LRAs to become disoriented as it curls.
It’s hard to explain --you just have to try it.
The two rigs in the pic are the exact same setup
except the one on the left (the correct one) was CREATED in Ver5
and OPENED in ver6 and the one on the right (the messed up one )
was CREATED in Ver6.



OK- I was about to give up, but finally figured it out…

…It’s a joint thing in Maya 6----
for some reason
the rotation order has to be different than in Maya 5.

The Z rot axis must calc. before the Y axis.

So just change the rotation order in the att ed
under transform attributes.

In Maya 5 you did’nt have to mess with it.
Now you have to manually change it on each
joint that has multiple SDK’s…
…Unless someone knows how to change the default
rotation order.- I can’t find it anywhere.



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